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Mail Call

January 07, 1999

"This is the woman who was mugged on Dec. 17 at the Valley Mall. Anyone who finds two small credit card holders. One with credit cards and Social Security cards the other with pictures, please call into Mail Call. Pocket book, wallet, checkbook and credit cards are canceled but pictures are not replaceable."

"I would just like to say that with all the trouble that is befalling the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Arena that in 1986 as a master's degree thesis I did a feasibility study on placing an ice rink in Hagerstown and found out that within five years the place would be bankrupt. It is nice to see your facts validated."

"I'm wondering what is going to happen when the impeachment discussion is over once and for all. Because it looks like Bob Borngesser for WHAG that is the only thing he has got in his commentary with his pro-Republican remarks. Very biased, nothing factual but just one after another coming from him. I don't think he has much more going for him other than this. I wonder what he will talk about next. Maybe he will talk about the SPCA or some of the other things."


"I would like to thank all of my customers for giving me a gift, Charles Elliott, Greenfield, Sunrise, Weavil and the Lums."

"I'm calling about the fellas that had that piece in the paper about drug testing. Well I know three generations that are on drugs and I've got everyone's names and addresses and everything. And I would like to know why a father can buy a 15-year-old son drugs for Christmas. Now you think drug testing for a job is bad, well they better do more."

"The public relations committee of the Western Maryland Hospital Center is sponsoring a Maryland Lotto Longaberger Basket raffle booth during the month of February. For tickets or information contact Shirley Eichelberger at 301-791-4472 or Sharon Silvers at 301-791-4478. Proceeds benefit Western Maryland Hospital Center patients and employees."

"Oh, I only have two minutes. I guess I better hurry up. I recently returned to Hagerstown myself and I live right up on Jonathan Street for a couple of days. And I want to tell the Hagerstown Police Department and the NTF that I can sit right out here and watch these people dealing drugs and there isn't any sense that they can't get this trash off the street. Goodbye, and do your job."

"I'd like to know if somebody could let me know who I can contact to change my Republican Party registration to Democrat. "

"I'm calling to complain about doctors in Washington County. When you make an appointment for a certain time and you sit there past 20 minutes of waiting time and then an hour. I think the doctor should see you and charge you nothing, or there should be a bill passed if a doctor has an appointment and you wait you should get some kind of refund for it. Because doctors overcharge you so much and then they think your time isn't valued very much."

"This is about the article in Sunday's paper about Mayor Tommy Bowers. I still see he still talks like he is still after revenge and anger. At least the ex-mayor, Micky Myers, remarks were based on the town of Smithsburg. Of course, that was always her first concern. That's why she and the councilmen had to let Tommy Bowers go. Only for the welfare of the taxpayers of Smithsburg."

"Yes, Mail Call. Thank you. Recently you had an article in your paper about the most beautiful lips of 1998. Well I'm sorry you forgot one, my girlfriend, Jan. Because that is the first thing that ever attracted me to her."

"You see folks, this just goes to show you that a little bit of sex won't hurt anybody. It even helps people, like Mr. Bill Clinton. Maybe this is what our Republicans, Reagan and Bush, should have tried. Maybe it would've helped them to get this country out of a debt some years back, or let's say 12 years of Republican rule. But umh, hey, like I said, a little sex won't hurt anyone. It proves to help."

"Good afternoon. To the County Commissioners, the voters of Washington County are not interested in basketball players or other sports. We are interested in getting lower taxes and water bills and sewer. Do what we elected you to do."

"This is to all you Democrats out there that keep crying about the Republicans being after Clinton all the time. Do you know they talk about the Jonestown massacre, where they claim Mr. Jones had the people all brainwashed in doing what they did, killing themselves? Well, when I think about the morality of what is going on down at the White House. And I think that these Democrats are taking up for this man. Well I'll tell you what, Mr. Jones' people weren't any more brainwashed than what these Democrats are brainwashed. Because they sure don't have any morals. Because if they had morals instead of taking up for this fellow, they would also being trying to get rid of him."

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