Mail Call for Jan. 5, 1999

January 05, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I just wanted to tell you that I read a very, very good article in the paper entitled, "Where is the Outrage?" I just wanted to tell you and the girl that wrote it, and her name is Cheryl, and I cannot pronounce the other name. It is a wonderful article and really tells the truth."

"The Clinton haters are a sick breed who are playing God. There is not one of us who has never lied. Hatred destroys only those who hate."


"To the residents of the town of Williamsport. It is time to wake up and seek a new mayor and assistant mayor, and new council people. It is time to wake up, Williamsport. Thank you."

"Yes, I just called about the ad in the paper for the keys and I forgot to leave my number. My number is 301-797-0191 or 797-3056, my name is Kimberly. I did lose some keys and if I'm correct there should be a truck key on there and also a Caravan key, Dodge Caravan key, and also some other things. If someone would call me I would appreciate it."

"As a Republican in West Virginia, I hope and pray that the Republican Party in West Virginia and the national Republican Party will spend every dime they have if it costs senatorial seats, congressional seats, just to beat this liberal. I can't say enough about this liberal, what kind of liberal he is, he is a liberal's liberal. Bob Wise over here in W.Va., we have got to get rid of him. It's lucky enough he is leaving Congress but we got to get rid of this man. This man is just a liberal's liberal."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is in answer to the comment I wrote about celebrating Christmas. Where did the person get the idea that I was angry and bitter? My letter in no way suggests that. I am a born-again Christian and I was defending my Lord, that all people thought about was the festivities of the holiday and not to much about His birth. It is a time to give glory and our love to Him, why He came. If you read the Bible, you would have understood what I wrote and got the meaning out of it. But you were too quick to criticize. So if you have not repented, you do not understand the truth. And I do not ignore people. I pray for them and love everyone as our Lord do. So may God bless you with the truth. If you read the Bible I will pray for you. Thank you."

"David, Happy New Year! I love you and miss you. Jenny."

"June bug, can't wait till you come home. We miss you and love you. Lynn and kids."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is to DD in Big Pool. I want to wish you a happy new year and let you know that I miss you and wish I was spending it with you and hopefully see you soon. Bye."

"The end times are here. Get right with God or be accountable on judgment day."

"I don't understand how the SPCA determines which animals are being neglected and which animals aren't. I recently called them about a dog on South Potomac Street being kept in a cage outside that is only about 4 to 5 foot square. It is also covered on the top. There is no room to run. It gets muddy in there and there is also a doghouse in there which takes up a lot of space. It also steps in its own droppings because there is no where else for it to go and it can't help but step in it. After about a week, I called back because nothing was done. I was told that everything was OK - they can't make them get a larger cage and the owner told them they take him in at night. So, that means they wash him off every day or they take him in with mud and dog dropping on his paws. So the point is, this treatment is fine as long as there's a doghouse 'cause the SPCA really knows the meaning of neglect. I don't believe they take him in at night. So the sad question is: What's going to be worse? The cold, freezing, snowy, wet winter or the hot 100-degree summer days, baking in the sun?"

"Hello, Mail Call. I've been riding around looking at all the beautiful decorations in Washington County and there are a lot of them - I think especially the Williamsport Park over there - such a beautiful little place. I wonder why Hagerstown can't come up with something better than what we have out there? And out on Clopper Road - man, that is simply fantastic. I know it takes a lot of work, time and effort for people to do that, but that really brightens up the season. That's all I have to say. Happy New Year and good day."

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