Snow 'mess' to some, new to one

January 02, 1999|By BRENDAN KIRBY

Residents across Hagerstown took to their steps and sidewalks on Saturday to shovel out from the season's first significant snowfall, and their moods ranged from annoyed to indifferent to cheery.

Sylvia Freeman, who was sweeping snow off her front steps off Summit Avenue, pondered the 60- and 70-degree temperatures of just a few days ago.

"I thought it was ridiculous after all that heat, but they can bring it back," she said. "This is a mess."

Freeman's neighbor, J.D. Dalton, shrugged when asked how he felt about clearing the snow.

"It's wintertime. What can I tell you?" he said. "All those people (complaining) back in May about how hot it was, hey, you got you wish."


Adam Dalton, 15, was enjoying the afternoon. He said he moved to Hagerstown from Tampa, Fla., about six months ago and has never seen snow before.

"It's pretty cool - cold," he said. "I like it. I'm a newcomer."

Karen Wright, who lives in Downsville, clearing the sidewalk in front of Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown on Saturday.

Wright, who was visiting her daughter on Prospect Street, said she has no formal arrangement to shovel snow at the church, although she attends services there.

Instead, Wright's motivation was a little more basic.

"I just like to shovel snow, so I just grabbed my broom," she said.

Wright has other hobbies involving physical labor.

"I cut the grass for fun in the summer, too," she said.

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