Former boyfriend charged with assault

December 30, 1998

A Hagerstown man who is accused of chasing his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend with a knife on Christmas Day is to appear in Washington County District Court this morning for a bond review.

His bond review hearing was supposed to have been held Wednesday but was postponed because he needs an interpreter, a court clerk said.

Price Similien, 47, of 930 B Lanvale St., was charged Tuesday with first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure, according to the charging documents in Washington County District Court.

Similien, whose first name is listed as Prince by Washington County Detention Center officials, was being held on Wednesday night on $10,000 bond.


According to the charging documents, David Lee Moore was at home with his girlfriend on Christmas Day at 40 E. Washington St., Apartment 2A, when a man circled the apartment in a car.

The man, whom the woman identified as her former boyfriend, stopped outside the apartment building at about 12:20 p.m. Moore, 34, walked outside and began arguing with the other man, according to court records.

After arguing for several minutes, Moore turned and began walking away. The other man popped the trunk of his vehicle and pulled out what Moore described as a machete, according to allegations contained in court records.

The man charged at Moore with the weapon, which police described as a knife, according to court records.

The woman shouted a warning and Moore moved out of the way and ran across the street, court records said.

His assailant warned he would be back and then drove away, according to the charging documents.

Hagerstown City Police applied for an arrest warrant on Saturday and arrested Similien on Tuesday.

- Brendan Kirby

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