Water connection fees to increase

December 24, 1998|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

The cost to connect to Hagerstown's water system and charges for private fire lines, used to link sprinkler systems to city water lines, will both increase next year.

During a regular meeting Tuesday evening, the Hagerstown City Council unanimously approved a law to raise both rates.

In April water connection fees will increase about 13 percent, said Gene Walzl, the city's water department manager.

Fire line charges are scheduled to increase about 36 percent during the next two years, with 18 percent increases scheduled for this February and February 2000, Walzl said.

Connection fees are typically associated with new development and are a one-time charge. The fees are based on the size of pipe used to connect the user to the city's water lines.

For example, the charge for a 3/4-inch water pipe, a size typically used for a single-family house, will increase from $385 to $450.


The charge for a 2-inch connecting pipe, which could serve a car wash or a large apartment building, will go from $1,290 to $1,460.

Fire line fees are annual charges for the operation and maintenance of the lines, Walzl said.

These fees are also based on what size pipe is used.

For example, the charge for a 4-inch pipe, which typically serves a small- or medium-sized restaurant, will go from $54 to $64 for addresses within city limits and from $72 to $85 for addresses outside city limits.

The rate for a 10-inch pipe, which would be used in a manufacturing plant or large storage building, will go from $488 to $576 for addresses within the city and from $651 to $768 for addresses outside the city limits.

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