Noland Village children enjoy Santa's visit

December 19, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

Barbies, Furbies, Teletubbies, video games and bikes were on the wish lists of dozens of children Saturday afternoon as Santa Claus visited Noland Village.

Each of the approximately 150 children walked away from Santa's lap with a candy cane, crayons, a coloring book and a smile thanks to Santa and his helpers from the Hagerstown Housing Authority and Washington County Health Department.

It was the first time that many of the young children had met jolly old St. Nick, and he didn't disappoint.

"Here comes Santa," shouted Amber Ramsey, 5, as she and dozens of other children ran to see Santa approach in a horse-drawn sleigh on wheels.


Amber and her sister, Mirisa, 2, hadn't met Santa before, nor had little Hope Hawbaker.

Brooke Hawbaker, 5, carried her 18-month-old sister, Hope, to meet Santa when he got off the sleigh. Hope greeted St. Nick with a smile and a surprised expression, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Hi. How are you? Is everyone doing good? Merry Christmas, everybody," Santa said as he stepped down from the sleigh and accepted a Christmas wish list from a small child.

After standing in line to sit in Santa's lap, Hope finally got her turn and started laughing while sucking on her bottle.

Her older sister, Kayla, 6, asked Santa for a Barbie, a Barbie swimming pool and a purple Teletubby.

Ryen Hook, 4, told Santa he wanted a new coat and a talking Elmo.

When Santa asked if Ryen wanted anything else, he said, "a hat like you have."

Timothy Smith, 8, asked for a Gameboy game, a remote-controlled car, a Sega game and a computer.

Santa got a kiss from Macayla Duncan, 2, whose mother, Jena Christian, carried her up to Santa.

Siblings Ryan and Kayla Corbett sat in Santa's lap at the same time before taking turns telling him what they wanted.

Ryan, 5, whispered in Santa's ear that he would like a gun that shoots arrows with suction cups so they stick to the wall.

"My Size Barbie" was on 7-year-old Kayla's wish list. "He's nice," Kayla said after meeting Santa for the first time.

Khadja Cooper, 6, said he was too big to sit in Santa's lap. He asked for three big toy trucks, holding his hands apart to show Santa how big.

Diana Shafer, 9, promised Santa that if she got the bike she wanted for Christmas, she wouldn't ride it in the street. Diana said Santa was "real."

Her sister, Angie, 8, asked for a baby doll.

Patricia Tasker, 7, asked Santa for Barbies, a roller skate Barbie and a new bike. Her older sister, Jessica Yount, 9, asked for a Furby, while her younger sister, Brittany Tasker, 5, wanted a story book.

The horse-drawn carriage that brought Santa to Noland Village's Community Center was pulled by Tom and Prince and steered by Tom Wetzel.

Wetzel and the housing authority also arranged for Santa to arrive via limousine at Westview housing on Saturday afternoon.

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