Angie Rowe hits one month without smoking

December 19, 1998|By LAURA ERNDE

Editors note: This is the third in an occasional series. From time to time, The Herald-Mail will check in on Angie Rowe as she wages her battle against nicotine.

Angie Rowe has made it one month without smoking a cigarette.

"It's been tough," she said.

But Rowe, 32, has had a lot of support from family and friends since she joined the Great American Smokeout.

One stranger even called with words of encouragement after reading about her struggle in The Herald-Mail.

"She just wanted to tell me she was behind me all the way. After I got done talking to her I didn't have the urge to smoke," she said.

Rowe, a secretary for the Washington County Hospital's behavioral health services office on Northern Avenue, still gets the urge to smoke.


But those cravings are less frequent.

She gets through it by doing something, anything, to get her mind off cigarettes.

Even getting a drink of water helps.

She has survived stressful situations.

The most trying was the week of Thanksgiving when she lost her turkey just days before she was expecting 22 people for dinner.

A number of times she has been surrounded by smokers while helping her husband, George, with catering jobs and going out to the Williamsport Red Men Lodge.

Those situations usually evoke one of two reactions.

Either the smell makes her nauseated or she wants to inhale the second-hand smoke to satisfy her craving, she said.

Now, she is starting to get a little concerned about weight gain.

So far, she has put on four pounds.

But she hasn't been stressing out yet in preparing for Christmas.

Rowe went into the endeavor Nov. 18 highly motivated to kick her habit of four to five packs a week.

It was relatively easy the first few days.

But then Thanksgiving came and reality set in, she said.

There are now chinks in her armor, but she is still committed, she said.

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