Mail Call for Dec. 16

December 16, 1998

"I would like to say thanks to the fellow who is down at the transfer point for the County Commuter by the Dunkin Donuts on Sunday mornings. He really does a terrific job there scrubbing that area. I mean the people are so dirty they throw everything and anything down there on the ground. The trash cans are right there. I would like to say thanks to him and keep up the good work."

"Hello Mail Call, I would like to let you know about the nice thing that happened to us last night. We went out Papa Road to look at the lights and there was a Santa Claus at one of the homes and he waved his hand and he kept waving and he passed out little stuffed animals. And my two grandchildren are teenagers and they couldn't get over it that someone would give you something at Christmastime. So they want him to know, if he reads this that they will take the little stuffed animals and give it to some little child who needs a toy. Thank you very much."


"I would like to congratulate Ruth Ridenour on a very entertaining Christmas program on the air. How fortunate we are to have Ruth Ridenour and so many good young people. Keep up the good work."

"Hi, I'd like to say that Turner's Taxi has some good drivers working for them. I mean they are very considerate. They help people out of the car with their groceries, you never hear any foul words out of their mouth. I'd also like to say thanks to two of the dispatchers, I believe their names are Wendy and Rick, they do a great job, too. Have a Merry Christmas."

"Happy holidays. If you want to see some pretty Christmas decorations, come across Md. 68 from Lappans to Boonsboro. And, you will really enjoy them."

"I'm calling in regards to our kids' bookbags. I saw on a TV special where the bags are going to give kids a problem because they are carrying around 25 to 30 pounds on their backs."

"Concerning County Commissioner Paul Swartz and his efforts to make the terms of the Washington County Commissioners staggered. There is no need to stagger the terms of the Washington County Commissioners. The voters will always elect people who can do the proper job. Ron Bowers, Linda Irvin-Craig, Dick Roulette and John Shank are living examples of the lack of need for staggered terms."

"For the guys shooting the loud gun Sunday night and early Monday morning, your time is limited. You are being watched. I would be careful what I do from now on."

"Yes, this is for all the people complaining about the police protection. We had an experience within the last week or two that we needed to get in touch with the Sheriff's Department and I would like to thank Sheriff Mades for his quick response and follow- up to our problem. However, it is still continuing, and there will be something done about it. It may take a while for the sheriff's deputies to catch you. But they will."

"I guess that deer hunting season has been extended into Sunday night around midnight and early Monday morning. There were a lot of shots fired off of Eastern Boulevard. Maybe someone was target practicing. But I seriously doubt that."

"I would like to wish my mother and father, Janet and Harold, a happy anniversary. I will be home for Christmas to see you. I love you both. Your daughter, Wanda."

"Yes, for the parents of the Western Heights Middle School, I think it is outrageous that they are charging $4 for a dance for the eighth-graders. Let's be real, It's Christmastime. Let's give them a dance but do we charge $4? What happens to the children that can't afford it? They are pushed aside. I'm outraged about this and any other parent that is outraged please call in. We need to stand up. The North End people stand up for their children. The West End people need to stand up for theirs."

"Yes, Mail Call, we want to thank the kind gentleman who found the key to our safe deposit box and turned it in to the bank. Praise the Lord, there are still honest people out there. God bless you."

"Does anybody out there who has a driver's license know what the red and yellow lights on a school bus mean? It means caution, it is getting ready to stop. I have had problems for two years with drivers running my bus driver's red light. It is a problem around the county, I understand. But I'm getting a little fed up with it. And I am fed up with the state and county that they won't do anything about it. Now I'm ready to stand out in the middle of the road to direct traffic myself. I live on Alternate 40 in Boonsboro. If you folks can't start stopping for the school bus, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands."

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