Franklin Co. Commissioners approve pay raise

December 16, 1998|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Franklin County elected officials will receive 4-percent pay increases each year from 2000 to 2003, following a vote Tuesday evening by the Board of County Commissioners.

The increases are the same as elected officials will receive in 1999, according to Commissioner G. Warren Elliott.

The vote affects the County Commissioners, each of whom was paid $45,455 in 1998, along with the coroner, controller, prothonotary, sheriff, clerk of courts and register and recorder.

Coroner Kenneth L. Peiffer Jr., Controller Carol Fix Diller, Prothonotary Linda Beard and Sheriff Robert Wollyung were each paid $41,117 this year, according to county records. Clerk of Courts William Vandrew, who is also clerk of the Orphan's Court, and Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds Linda Miller are considered to hold dual offices and were salaried at $45,036 this year.

All of the offices affected by the vote are up for election in 1999.


The county treasurer and the two jury commissioners are elected in different years, so their salary increases were set the year before those offices were last up for election.

Treasurer Steve Minnich was also paid $41,117 this year and will receive 4-percent increases through 2001. The two jury commissioners were paid $8,652 in 1998.

Elliott said a previous Board of Commissioners set salaries for elected officials prior to the 1995 election. Salaries are set a year before elections so those in office are not voting to increase their own pay.

The commissioners are proposing a 3-percent increase for county employees in the 1999 budget. That is based on a salary and wage schedule adopted by the county in 1995, according to Elliott.

Final approval of the budget is set for Dec. 29, although Elliott said the commissioners won't set employee wages until January.

Beard, of Chambersburg, this week announced she will run for re-election next year. In her announcement, the Republican said computerization and updated technology will be priorities in a second term.

County Commissioners Elliott and Bob Thomas, both Republicans, and Democrat Cheryl Plummer have already announced they will run for re-election.

Chief Deputy Coroner Jeffrey Conner, a Republican, has announced he will run next year to succeed Peiffer, who is retiring.

Because of the death last month of Republican Jury Commissioner Robert S. Little, there will also be an election next spring to fill that vacancy. The election will be for a two-year term running through 2001.

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