Woman injured in possible electrical accident

December 14, 1998

A Hagerstown woman is in poor condition at the Washington County Hospital coronary care unit after allegedly shocking herself at her nephew's Noland Village Avenue apartment Sunday afternoon.

Hagerstown Police and fire and rescue personnel were called to the home of Pablo Santiago, Apartment 1041-D, Court 6, about 2:45 p.m.

Santiago said his aunt, Carmen Riveria, and other family members were cleaning the apartment.

Riveria had been washing the walls and shelves in the kitchen with a wet cloth near a electrical outlet or circuit box, he said.

He said his aunt came running into the living room saying she had shocked herself.

"She ran into the wall and then fainted and fell to the ground," he said.

Riveria, who is in her 50s, also suffers from other medical problems including high blood pressure, he said.

Rescue personnel accompanying the victim to the ambulance said she had been in full cardiac arrest.


After Riveria was taken to the hospital, fire and city officials worked to determine whether the woman had been truly shocked.

"I can't find anything," said Lester McCusker, city electrical inspector.

He said he checked the outlets and electrical panel and could not find any evidence that would indicate the woman had been a victim of electrical accident.

Power to the home has been disconnected, he said.

Responding to the accident were Halfway Ambulance and Fire Department and two Hagerstown Fire Department engines.

Rescue crews remained at the scene for about an hour.

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