MailCall for 12/11

December 11, 1998

"This is in response to the individual who expressed concerns about the regulations regarding smoking on the grounds at the Head Start Center on North Avenue. The Martin Luther King Center which houses the Head Start program has become a smoke-free building environment since 1996. According to federal and state regulations, there must be a designated smoking area for those staff and parents who smoke. This area is located behind the building outside of the lower level door that opens up to the parking lot out of the sight of the children. We have always been extremely aware of the affects of second-hand smoke to children. We have worked with parents and staff to promote stop smoking sessions as well as preventative educational programs. If you have any other questions please contact the center at 301-797-5231 and ask for Stephanie. Thank you for the interest in the safety of our children."


"To the person complaining about the Boy Scouts selling Christmas trees. Do you worship the creation or the creator?"

"Thank you for running the story in Wednesday's paper about the Health Department. I commend you for printing this story that bold on this issue. Now maybe some other people will come out in the county and in the state and even in the city because this is not just happening at the Health Department. Thank you and I'm sure you'll be hearing more on this. Thank you again."

"If you want to see some good Christmas decorations come up to the upper end of Maugansville and come down Rife Church Road onto Daley Road and check them out."

"Come on Herald-Mail Sports Department. Your headline in last Saturday's paper said something like "Triumph over tragedy," after the Baltimore Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts. Come on, "tragedy?" That word should be reserved for when a city is hit by an earthquake or when someone dies in a car accident or something. Not when a football team leaves a city. Where are your priorities? Losing an NFL team is not a tragedy."

"Yes, I was in traffic court the other day and I found it quite despicable that inmates from the jail were brought in on taxpayers' money with officers of course bringing them in and watching them, only to be told that since they were already incarcerated they didn't have to pay their fines and that it would all be basically waived for each one. There were about four inmates in there that day. I think it's ludicrous that these officers have to be transporting and carting them back and forth for these little traffic citations. These officers could be out preventing crimes or doing something worthwhile. I think it's revolting and I demand it cease immediately. I encourage everyone who believes in this to call in and voice their opinions. This is ridiculous."

"Good evening Mail Call. Yes, I want to get something straight. So if it's a sexual activity and the president is doing it, we should all mind our own business and it should be OK to do whatever he wants in the White House even when he's supposed to be conducting business on our taxpayers' money when we are paying him to conduct business. Now we're paying him to have sex with interns and he should be able to lie about it. All this is good? This is a great country, no wonder they laugh at us in London."

"Great news - Washington County's test scores continue to rise. This is due to much hard work by the students, teachers, administrators and Board of Education staff over the course of the last several years. However, it has nothing to do with Dr. Herman Bartlett, who just recently came on board, so I wish he'd stop strutting around like a peacock. He has no claim on these test scores. That can't happen for another several years and if the people of Washington County have any intelligence to them at all, they should start protesting that he's even holding that position at all. Call the Board of Education members."

"This is an answer to the person who stated that the White House belongs to the Clintons. Do you think they will sell it when they leave? You poor thing - you don't know which end is up. Taking up for the Clintons is like beating a dead horse. Clinton's lies have corrupted the soul of the Democratic party. This country doesn't have a king, therefore, everyone including our hero Bill is not above the law. Perjury is a tough rap to beat. If Congress doesn't punish him, he'll be indicted when he leaves office. Finally, a friend of mine took his 6-year-old son to the doctor and the doctor asked him about things he should have learned in school. The last question was, 'Who is the President of the United States?' The boy thought for a moment and said, 'I forgot his name but he's a liar and a cheat.' I've said before that we don't know what effect the president will have on our young people. Enough said?"

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