Area Indoor Track previews

December 11, 1998

Catoctin Cougars

Coach: Boys-John Woelfel; Girls-Lance Day

  • Returning Runners: 25 (9 boys, 16 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Michael Irvine, Sr.; Nick Reed, Fr; Kevin Favorite, So. Girls-Inga Olson, Sr.; Catherine Olson, Fr; Stacey Hamlin, Fr; Megan Hillard, Sr.
  • Boys Outlook: "We have the biggest team we've had at Catoctin for years. We'll be able to be competitive."
  • Girls Outlook: "I think they're going to be better than last year. We'll be stronger and deeper as a team."

Clear Spring Blazers

Coach: Wayne Kretzer

  • Returning Runners: 5 (4 boys, 1 girl)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Paul Kelley, Sr.; Mike Thoerig, Sr.; Todd McCall, Fr. Girls-Casey Gruber, So.
  • Outlook: "We may not challenge for any championships, but we'll do the best we can. The kids are working hard and all I'm looking for is improvement in each athlete."

Frederick Cadets

Coach: Boys-Bill Price (4th Season), Girls-Jennie Novak (2nd season)

  • Returning Runners: 53 (35 boys, 18 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Chris Ihimhof, Jr.; Dan Arrington, So.; Andrew Malloy, Sr.; Mike Sihvola, Sr.; Pat Sincevinch, Sr.; Tim Hogan, Sr.; David Hastings, Sr.; Vickram Gowda, Sr.; John Cupples, Sr. Girls-Rebecca Robinson, Sr.; Jessica Hawthorne, Sr.; Mia Waldon, Sr.; Dayna Carter, Sr.
  • Boys Outlook: "Most of our talent graduated last year. We're in rebuilding mode, but we do have alot of depth."
  • Girls Outlook: "We're small in numbers, but we have a good group of experienced runners with our seniors. We'll be a good representation of Frederick High School track."

Middletown Knights


Coach: Boys-Don Boyer (33rd season); Girls-Jen Zeltwanger (4th season)

  • Returning Runners: 50 (25 boys, 25 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Reed Saunders, Sr.; Greg McCormick, So.; Steve Hanson, Sr.; Ryan Moore, Sr.; Nick Kridler, Sr.; Paul Dorsey, So.; Ryan Fritz, So. Girls-Liz Lake, Sr.; Molly Imming, Sr.; Natalie Dye, Sr.; Trinette Price, Sr.
  • Boys Outlook: "If it all comes together, we should be one of the contenders for state."
  • Girls Outlook: "I think the season is going to be excellent. I'm looking for at least 50 percent of my athletes to qualify for the indoor state meet."

North Hagerstown Hubs

Coach: Ray Shriver

  • Returning Runners: 65
  • Key Runners: Boys-Alex McAbee, Sr.; Johnavin McKinley, Sr.; Brad Mentzer, Sr.; Eric Zacot, Sr.; Chris Pereshuk, Sr. Girls-Lisa Eccard, Sr.; Kari McCarty, Sr.; Rebecca Thompson, Sr.; Meagan Verdeyen, Sr.
  • Boys Outlook: "I think we'll be very competitive. But we've got alot of learning to do."
  • Girls Outlook: "I'm expecting a big year out of my senior leaders. If they come through, we'll have an outstanding season."

Smithsburg Leopards

Coach: Buddy Orndorff (9th season)

  • Returning Runners: 46 (30 girls, 16 boys)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Kyle Dingle, Jr.; Matt Seifarth, Jr.; Matt Bayer, Sr.; Aaron Wilson, Jr.; Luke Baeuer, So. Girls-Katie Baeuer, Sr.; Heather Jenkins, Sr.; Lisa Holsinger, Sr.; Tiffany Sakalsi, Sr.; Katie Gloyer, Sr.
  • Boys Outlook: "The kids are enthusiastic and they're working hard. We're trying to get people in the right spots."
  • Girls Outlook: "We're in a rebuilding year. We go out and compete and do the best we can do. We'll be competitive."

South Hagerstown Rebels

Coach: Bob Degrange

  • Returning Runners: 30 (15 boys 15 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Troy Butts, Aaron Bush, Tim Yopp, Dominique Richmond. Girls-Susanna Smith, Emily Banono, Tiffany Burn, Tiffany Lutz.
  • Boys Outlook: "I think we can compete real well for once, especially in the areas of sprints and relays."
  • Girls Outlook: "We're on a rebuilding program. We'll be pretty tough in the county."

Walkersville Lions

Coach: Boys-Guy Witten (2nd season), Girls-Mary Johnson (1st season)

  • Returning Runners: 53 (30 boys, 23 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Doug Allen, Jr.; Greg Saylor, Jr.; Dan Spadacino, So.; Dewey Widdle, Jr.; Jason Balderson, Sr.; Anthony Keeney, Jr. Girls-Jenn Biser, Sr.; Donna Kaywood, Jr.; Lisa Mercer, Sr.; Morgan Brown, So.; Sarah Claybaugh, Jr.
  • Boys Outlook: "I think they all have a very good attitude about everything. They're optimistic about their own future and the team's future. I'm concerned about personal bests regardless of what level they're at."
  • Girls Outlook: "I think their going to be pretty strong. We have both speed and endurance. We are definitely in the competitive stage."

Williamsport Wildcats

Coach: Bob Hornbecker (3rd season)

  • Returning Runners: 33 (14 boys, 19 girls)
  • Key Runners: Boys-Tom Laws, Sr.; Ryan Mease, Jr.; Clint Crowell, Sr.; Dan Bittner, Sr. Girls-Karen Fuss, Sr.; Sarah McDonald, Jr.; Becky Kistler, Sr.
  • Outlook: "We're planning on a successful and fun season as we prepare for outdoor."

- Complied by Kris Gillaspy / Staff Correspondent

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