MailCall for 12/10

December 10, 1998

"Yeah, I think charity is going too far in some areas. You go in to these supermarkets and when you come out they want you to give them a dollar and when you go in to these big department stores they want a dollar for this and they want a dollar for that. Charity is going way too far. And then they send you stuff in the mail. You really have to wonder how far you have to go. Charity is just going too far!"

"Hi. I'm hoping that somebody can help me find a Bonus Book '99. I have a '98 and it will be expiring in a couple of weeks. I would like to have another one. I know the new ones are out because I've seen them but I can't find anybody selling them. Can somebody call in and leave a phone number of somebody who would know where to find them? Thank you very much."


"Yes, I'm calling because I think it's unfair that people get more time for selling drugs than someone killing people. What they need to realize is that the people selling the drugs have an addiction to selling them because of the money and the people who are buying them had an addiction because they have a problem with smoking them. I just feel that it's unfair that they are getting more time in jail for drugs than someone killing someone. I feel that they need to help these people with a program of some kind to help them."

"When I read in the paper tonight the letter about the hit and run it seemed to me that I wrote it but I didn't. But I know how the person feels. My car was sitting in front of my house and I was asleep when someone busted the mirror off and my insurance company said that I had a $100 deductible if I would have done it myself but a $250 deductible since someone else did it. Does that make any sense? It cost me $210 and then I went into a private business parking lot and ran over a big rock that damaged my car. Their insurance company would not pay for the repairs so as far as I'm concerned we don't need insurance companies, period. All they want is your money but then they don't want to pay any out."

"On Tuesday I drove about 200 miles through Washington County including Hagerstown. I saw one sheriff's car on all the roads that I was on. I saw over 200 cars without their headlights on even though it was raining and their windshield wipers were on. It's the law that you must have your lights on when your wipers are on and it's up to the police to enforce these laws. If they would start pulling people over for little violations like this, maybe there would be less speeding and a lot less road rage. Come on police, do your job and you drivers out there without your lights on, learn the laws and obey them."

"Hello Mail Call. This is in regards to a missing dog. A black and white Siberian husky with blue eyes and comes to the name Nikita. I lost it somewhere in Hagerstown around Church Street to Franklin Street. If anyone would happen to find her there is a reward. Please call the Cumberland Valley Veterinary Clinic. Thank you very much."

"Yes, this question is for the mayor, council and the Hagerstown police. After noticing an officer hanging around the ballet school downtown the other day for quite some time, I had to ask him what they were doing and he responded by saying that the owner there had complained about some problems with some intoxicated people and they (the owners) felt that they should have some extra police protection. However, I'm a business owner and I pay taxes, too, in the City of Hagerstown but I think it's because I'm not downtown that I can't get extra police protection. I certainly don't blame the officer down there because he was just doing what he was told to do but come on, Mr. Mayor, Councilmen, and Police Chief. Is it only the business owners downtown that get all the protection? What about the rest of us? Think about it."

"This is to the people who are stealing Christmas decorations already this season. You people need to get a life. Christmas is the time of year when you just don't go and steal from others even if you're the biggest thief out there. It's just not done if you know what I mean. This is the time of giving, not taking so why don't all you thieves think about that and take it into consideration and stop while you're ahead. Have a Merry Christmas and give. Please don't take. Thank you, Mail Call."

"Yes, this is to the person who's wondering how the government is paying for the smokers' illnesses. Think of all the emphysema patients that are disabled. How do you think their medical bills are being paid? The government is paying for it. Thank you."

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