MailCall for 12/9

December 09, 1998

"If you want to see some real nice Christmas decorations and houses, I suggest that you come to our Cross Creek development. That's off Md. 65 across from Arnett's Store. It's really out of this world."

"Good morning Mail Call. In Saturday's paper on Dec. 5, I read a Letter to the Editor about Bell Atlantic's run around. This letter was written on Oct. 13 and it was printed on Dec. 5. She not only got a run around with Bell Atlantic but she got a run around with her letter, too."

"Yes, this is to the smoking mathematics genius that figured out what cigarettes were costing him a year. It looks to me like he wasn't stupid, he just couldn't afford to smoke cigarettes and that's why he quit. I don't believe he quit because he wanted to. I don't believe he had enough money to buy cigarettes."

"To the person that wrote in Mail Call today about Clinton in the White House and it being their White House, that they are a taxpayer, blah, blah, blah. Well if it's their White House tell them to go down there and try to get into the White House and see how far they get it they think it belongs to them and the fact is, I'll bet they wouldn't tell people about their sex life. I know they wouldn't do that."


"Hi, I called about the missing snowman the other day and I'd like to say that it has been recovered by a nice neighbor."

"Power struggle number two. Another power disruption in Halfway on Dec. 5. Second one since Thanksgiving. What's going on?"

"Hi Mail Call. I'd just like to say hi to my boyfriend Bryan and to wish him a Merry Christmas and to tell him that I love him."

"This is to my blue-eyed baby whom I adore. And every day I love her more and more. Tim."

"So I guess if the Republicans nail Clinton the way the Democrats nailed Nixon, I guess there would be a tie and maybe now we can get back down to earth and really concentrate on the problems that we have in this country and do something about them instead of fooling around with this stuff."

"I live on Cannon Avenue and all these streets around Cannon Avenue have been marked to be cleaned on Tuesday. I would like to know where am I supposed to park my car while these streets are being cleaned as they are every other month up here? Where am I supposed to park my car? Three or four blocks away where anybody and their brother can get into and steal whatever they feel like? I don't think so and I think something needs to be changed."

"One woman wondered why the West End kids don't get to go to the elementary school when they are in fifth grade. It's because when other schools get overcrowded they build them new ones but when the West End schools get overcrowded, they just move them out. Being equal is a joke in these schools. Those that have just get more and those that don't have get nothing."

"What do you call 41 rednecks chasing a sissy? NASCAR!"

"Yes Mail Call readers, we were driving by the Boy Scouts' Christmas tree display out by Wal-Mart over the weekend and my 11 year-old grandson made a startling revelation to me. He said he thought the Boy Scouts stood for preserving wildlife and doing things without destroying nature and what not. Well, I had never really stopped to think about this but it is really amazing. Don't they have other ways to raise money?"

"Since this is the season of giving, I think that we should all try to give and one of the most giving people that is in Hagerstown is the man who is always outside waving on Eastern Boulevard with his dog. I think that everyone should try to make an effort to be especially nice and even stop and get a gift or card for him this Christmas season. He always gives all year long."

"Rohr comes roaring back! Why? There's nothing there except antiques, including personnel, building and equipment. Why don't you people give up? You are finally where the state of Maryland wants you. On welfare or working for $6 an hour. You were overpowered at the polls, voters. Parris doesn't care about Washington County. You're supposed to become a house development for the people working down the road."

"This is to all the people complaining about AC&T not giving more. It's not the fact of how much they are giving at all. It's the fact that they're giving anything at all. They could have chosen not to do anything and keep all their money for themselves. That's what most businesses and people do. So come on and give them credit for what they're trying to do and don't condemn them just because you think they should give more. Think about it and try giving a little something to anyone yourself. Try giving your neighbor a little something and see what a difference it makes. You just might be surprised and so will your neighbor. Have a nice holiday season and remember that God loves you no matter what or who you give to."

"It's no conicidence that former Gov. Schaefer and current Gov. Glendening preside over the venereal disease capital of the country. Baltimore, Maryland's rate of venereal disease is the highest in the United States. You would think that with all of the liberal social spending that these two governors have presided over, that at least venereal disease would be wiped out. Something to think about."

"Hi Mail Call. This is to all you smokers out there and I know who you are because I can hear the congestion in your children's lungs when they cough. Do you not feel any guilt when you smoke around your children knowing that some day they may suffer from emphysema or other respiratory diseases? What you do to yourself is your problem but why pass it on to your children? If you must smoke, go outside. Do this for your children's sake."

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