Letters to the Editor

December 08, 1998

Anyone lose their clothes?

To the editor:

On Friday, Nov. 27, I found about a dozen pieces of women's clothing which appeared to have blown out of a vehicle and came to rest alongside Md. 418 near Leitersburg.

The clothes were on hangers and appeared to be some very nice things. If you can describe them to me, I'll be glad to return them. Call me at (301) 791-0648.

Mary Ford


Condemn, but don't kill

To the editor:

I'm really amazed and troubled after reading some of the letters and pieces by journalists on the opinion page from time to time and I wish to comment in response if I may.


First of all, I want to say with just pride that I'm a Christian, redeemed from sin and hate, and essentially in agreement with conservatives on many issues like tax cuts, smaller government, individual freedom (i.e freedom to do what is right by acting kindly to others etc.) and totally against abortion and their gay lifestyle.

Unfortunately, through the centuries, much heartache, fighting and heartless murders massacres and torturing have occurred in the name of religion, often in the name of "Christianity." Even in our day we read about that kind of thing happening around the world. Let me say here at the outset, that those who are true followers of Jesus Christ, true believers, born again saints, condemn and abhor every violent act and murder of individuals, whether it be an abortion doctor of staff member or one who practices the gay lifestyle or anyone else though contrary to biblical moral absolutes that we believe in personally.

Some of these writers, who apparently have a liberal mindset and know that many Christians and conservatives are firmly opposed to abortion (murdering the unborn) and the vile and abominable gay lifestyle (read Roman chapter 1 verses 24 thru 27 and the new test amend). Let me state very plainly, though we hate these horrendous sins, we, as genuine Christians do not approve, in any way, the acts of violence against any of these parties.

So please, Donald Kaul and Travis Hardin, don't lump us who are Christians with those who encourage, support or participate in atrocities against abortion clinics and gays.

But I will say this. You who support abortion have blood on your hands and you who say "It's ok to be gay..." are helping America down the moral sliding board that is rapidly destroying the very fundamental virtues and principles that made America great! God help us!

Edgar M. Foltz Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

Beware of light flickers

To the editor:

It's nighttime. You're driving down the road and approach a vehicle without its lights turned on. What do you do? If you flick your lights, as a good Samaritan would likely do, you may be asking for trouble.

It was recently brought to my attention gangs have an initiation which puts conscientious drivers at risk. If a potential gang member is "flicked" by an on-coming motorist, the result could be deadly. Their initiation requires them to pursue you and shoot your vehicle. Your safety is jeopardized.

While the problem is likely not one in our immediate area, it is good to know the antics of others. This letter isn't meant to alarm or frighten. It's sole purpose is to inform and caution.

Howard Whittington


Thanks for gifts

To the editor:

I would like to thank Weis Market, Renfrew Institute and the Wilson College Community Supported Agriculture Program for donating several pumpkins for Wilson College's annual pumpkin carving contest.

There were more than 40 pumpkins donated overall and I am very appreciative of the community's generosity. Thank you very much!

Jessica Wysopal

Chambersburg, Pa.

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