MailCall for 12/8

December 08, 1998

"Good afternoon Mail Call. As a resident of Lakeside Mobile Home Park, I would like to thank the Environmental Protection Control people for the quick response to the dust and pollution problem at the park that the management claimed that they couldn't do anything about. Thanks to you again."

"Hello Mail Call. I was driving my vehicle several weeks ago and a car hit me and didn't stop. I reported it to the City police and they said it was the next thing to impossible to find a hit and run driver. I even had witnesses that seen the accident. The policeman didn't even take my name. When I reported it to my insurance company, they asked me questions as to where I was coming from, where I was going, why was I out driving so late, if I was drinking and so forth. Then the insurance company said that I would have to pay the deductible on my insurance policy before they could fix my vehicle. I felt like the guilty party. This is another example of the innocent always paying. What kind of system do we have? Thank you very much."


"Thank you. Why don't you people leave Greg Snook alone? He is a fine young man and as far as putting your hand on the Bible, look at Clinton. He put his hand on the Bible twice and he's still a dirt bag. Thank you."

"Mail Call does get results. I'm listening to WWMD on Dec. 6, and it's 5:30 in the morning and there's Christmas music playing while I'm making my sugar cookies. Thank you very much."

"Good evening. I was just reading in the paper tonight that Clinton had his guests stay at the White House for a fee and then he gave the money to the DNC and how he wants to renovate the White House to the tune of just $3 million. And he want all Americans to fork over the money to do it. The question is why wasn't the money that was collected for the guests sleeping in the White House and belongs to all the American people, Democrats, Republicans, non-registered, whatever, all this money was given away and when it should belong to the people? Thank you."

"For the fool who criticized Greg Snook for not having a Bible at the swearing in ceremony. Obviously you don't realize that he has nothing to do with arranging those ceremonies. Give Greg a break. 18,000 people voted for him so take a hike."

"If anyone found a Pepsi-Cola wallet at Clear Spring High School or the surrounding area, we certainly would appreciate the return of the pictures and the personal ID. You can keep the wallet with no questions asked and any money that was in it. Just return the other contents to P.O. Box 17, Clear Spring. We sure would appreciate it. Thanks."

"This is Saturday evening and I was just driving through downtown admiring our city's Christmas decorations. They are very beautiful. But all of a sudden here I see 3 young teen boys run up and taking the light bulbs out of the decorations on one of the light poles. Of course to some people there's nothing wrong with this because after all, it's wrong for the school teachers, and these were school age boys, in public schools to say to them that thou shall not steal. No way!! Nor could it be on the courthouse that thou shall not steal because the anti-God people in our country would be offended. How long does this absurd ignorance have to continue before we wake up to what they are doing to us? There's no morality without God, otherwise it's every man to his own thinking."

"Hi Mail Call. It's Saturday, Dec. 5, and I was just parked at the library and this is to the person that hit my 1998 car. It's lowlifes like you who pull into parking lots and hits cars and then leave thinking that nobody will notice it. Well, I didn't notice it until I got to my car and I know you little scum suckers are out there and it's a shame that you can't come in and face us one on one so we can just go ahead and said that, well maybe it will be alright. But no-oooo, you guys got to drive off. Well just remember, it's gonna catch up with you one way or another."

"I noticed an article in the newspaper a few days ago about the local police and the State Police are going to start patrolling the malls and shopping centers and stuff to deter crime and stuff which I guess is OK but I don't think Hagerstown has enough police officers to be patrolling commercial property like that. Other people have to hire security so why shouldn't the Prime Outlets and the Valley Mall? They do hire some but make them work at night too. I guess they're not doing their job. Why should we have our police officers riding around over there when they should be riding around downtown looking for crime and troublemakers? Let them hire their own security force. If they're going to do it for a few, then they should have to do it for every business in the city. You can't pick and choose. It's our taxpaying money that's paying for these police that are patrolling these private properties for the rich that own them. Let them pay for it. Why should we always have to pay for it?"

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