Letters to the Editor

December 03, 1998

Schools must be reasonable

To the editor:

I would like to respond to an Associated Press article entitled "Reenactor stonewalled by county schools," by David Dishneau. The article appeared in the Sunday, Nov. 15, issue of The Herald-Mail.

I would like to extend my support to Mr. Boaze in his effort to not just reenact, but recreate a "living history" environment to educate our students.

Bringing a history lesson to life is a very interesting and informative lesson.

Before we are so quick to block this wonderful and dedicated method of sharing the past with our students, why not look at the history of the lectures given thus far in other counties to determine their value and success, how the students feel etc., to see if there is a wrong message being sent.


Robert Kline, school board president stated, "the way kids are today they could grab one of those and make a weapon of their own." Come on Mr. Kline, I believe that between Boaze and school officials we can make this a safe and successful experience.

In reference to Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse Inc., what in the name of our God-fearing forefathers does Ginni Wolf's statement, "We're not living in Revolutionary times anymore," or her position have to do with educating our children on American history? It clearly indicates that this individual thinks that to promote or further the study of American history is unimportant.

Christopher L. Jones


If you flash I won't budge

To the editor:

Why do some guys (men and boys) in their tractor-trailers, pick-up trucks, Jeeps, etc., seemed to think I shouldn't be on the road. Usually, I am going the 65 to 70 mph speed limit, and I will get over when I have the opportunity, but your riding my bumper and flashing your lights will not get me over any sooner.

As my mom said in years past, when I felt some drivers were going too slow, "Alma, they have as much right to be on the road as you." So guys, I am passing this thought on to you. Please slow down and be a little more patient, as I hope to be driving for many more years.

Alma McCullough

Falling Waters, W.Va.

More power to young voters

To the editor:

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all of the students and teachers I have heard from, through the newspaper as well as mail, regarding Kids Voting. At Allegheny Power, we feel that voting is extremely important and if interest is developed at a young age, it will continue through life.

It is rewarding to hear that so many students enjoyed the experience. Remember to vote in every election. It's a privilege we should neither neglect nor take for granted.

Alan J. Noia

Chairman, CEO

Allegheny Power

Be like Lee

To the editor:

The personification of character, class, concern, professionalism and service is retiring County Commissioner R. Lee Downey.

The newly elected County Commissioners would do well to pattern their efforts after this long-time, quality public servant. Thanks and good luck Lee!

Buzz and Judy Shorb


NRP has better things to do

To the editor:

The Nov. 21 article "Operation pet shop" launched by the Maryland Natural Resources Police is another example of state enforcement agencies losing their way in the woods, trying to find the forest.

Our NRP officers, whom I praise for doing a great job without a lot of support from upper management, have many more important things to do than use up their valuable time and our resources chasing tree frogs.

A simple letter or administration warning from some bureaucrat who has too much time on their hands would have sufficed.

A follow-up report by the newspaper on the total cost of this investigation including administrative staff, NRP officers, misc. expense, etc., versus actual fines collected would be interesting. If the administration needs something to keep it busy, contact any of several hunting/sporting clubs or groups and I know you will get a lot of worthwhile suggestions.

Bob Barnhart


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