MailCall for 12/2

December 03, 1998

"Mail Call, you probably won't print this but there were several comments besides ours about the Christmas tree on the square. It's not even decorated. It's only got the shape of a tree in front. It was always decorated all over the tree. That's all for now."

"Today's article on the storage sofa brought back memories. Approximately 40 years ago, we were renting a small house and needed another bed but didn't have a spare room so we bought a sofa bed for the living room and it had storage space in the bottom."

"Please print this. Power struggle number 1. Power disruption in Halfway area day after Thanksgiving. Thank you."

"Yes, this is for the person who claims that they thought the Salvation Army were all volunteers. These people should mind their own business and not worry about whether or not they get paid for their job or not. The Salvation Army does not let us believe that it's all volunteer work and so what if it is or not? Just let these people do their job and get paid for it and leave them alone and give to the needy."


"Yes, I was just wondering if Hulk Hogan is running for the presidency? If he would be elected, which I hope not, what would we call it, the Black House? 'Cause that's the only kind of clothes he looks like he has is black clothes."

"To the caller that said the only things downtown are drunks, hookers, and bums, they were 60 percent correct. They forgot to mention that most of the lawyers and most of the politicians were downtown, too. Thank you."

"Hello. I have a small nuclear reactor and I was wondering if someone could help me out with the waste. I use it to heat my home and I have a little bit of waste to get rid of. If someone could help me, please call Mail Call and let me know. Thank you."

"I would like to thank two wonderful people, Shirley and Joe Stotler from Antietam Manor. On Thanksgiving night at 6:30, our little dog, which is a house dog, went outside to go to the potty. I came in the house and then went right back out and she was gone. Of course, we only imagined the worst. Our 3-year-old grandson who lives with us was devastated. The following afternoon, I received a phone call that the Stotlers had found our little dog and she was fine. They took excellent care of her. Needless to say, she goes out on a leash now. Thanks again to the Stotlers and you have a wonderful holiday season because you sure made ours. Also thank you to the SPCA and Pet Hotline. Barb W."

"Leave the prostitutes and their customers alone. Just like the president, it's their private lives and it's no one else's business."

"This coming from a reliable source, the question about the yard waste pickup being extended through Dec. 15 is because there were a great number of trees that still have leaves attached etc., etc. So it's not going to be over on Dec. 1 but on Dec. 15. Thank you."

"My husband was to have eye surgery and, upon the information to go to the Robinwood Surgery Clinic, he was informed that he was to bring the money for the surgery with him, the difference that Medicare didn't pay. This morning, I took him out for the surgery and, believe you me, they demanded the difference that Medicare did not pay even before he got into the office to see the surgeon. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Never do you pay for services before they are rendered. What if he didn't have the cash with him, would they have turned him down and not done the surgery? This whole system stinks! We are totally disgusted with it and, believe you me, we will never go back to that office again. Thank you."

"I saw in the paper where AC&T would give one cent for each gallon of gas. That they are going to donate it to the Salvation Army for the homeless. I would think that they could up that a little bit because the ad they put in probably cost more than that."

"The recently released campaign financing reports from our recent general election are very interesting. They prove that elective offices, even at the local level, cannot be bought. Sue Tuckwell, Ron Bowers and John Shank spent over $50,000 between the three of them and Mr. Emissions Testing Bruce Poole spent nearly $80,000. The voters are the best source of campaign finance reform."

"Hello, Mail Call. I would like to wish my best friend, Ashley, a happy birthday and I hope she has the best birthday in the world. From her best friend, Jessica."

"Hi, Mail Call. I want to call and tell Joyce that I love her and I can't wait to see her again."

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