MailCall for 11/30

November 30, 1998

"This is to all those that are putting up Christmas lights and are putting them up with their Halloween decorations. Put one or the other up. Take down the pumpkins!"

"To the person looking for a lighthouse call 733-1692. Thanks you."

"Well, in the Japanese race, the last NASCAR race of the season and Jeff Gordon still beat the Earnhardt brothers. So what do you have to say now?"

"Yeah, I'm calling in reference to the lady looking for the Bodie Lighthouse. I have a catalog and if you give me a call at 301-733-0952 I can let you know about it. It's about $40 and it's about the size you are looking for. Thanks."

"What a joke it is. I see the police want permission to seize vehicles used by people soliciting prostitutes. How about just getting the prostitutes off the streets? You can drive down almost of the streets in downtown Hagerstown during broad daylight and see prostitutes everywhere. This is outrageous. Who wants to go downtown and shop? The only thing downtown are drunks, hookers and bums. Thank you."


"This is to the creep that stole my green GT bike in Smithsburg. My mom bought that for me after months of asking for my birthday and you, whoever you are that stole it, are just about as low as one can get. We can't afford another one and I only left it lay outside for a couple of minutes and some creep came along and stole it. If anyone knows anything about this bike please call Mail Call and let them know. I'm 11-years old and I'd really like to have my bike back. It's been reported to the police and they're suppose to be looking for it too. Thank you."

"Hello Mail Call. As a long time subscriber this is my second call. Show me the courtesy of printing it. Does anyone out there know where I can buy some citric acid? Also to you people who are going to pack up and more to West Virginia. What makes you think they want our rejects? By the way, regardless of what President Clinton has done, he is doing a good job. Ask your husbands what they are doing when they go and visit the bars. Thank you."

"Hello Mail Call. I'm responding to an article in Mail Call on Wednesday, Nov. 25 of somebody looking for a Bodie Lighthouse from North Carolina. There is a lighthouse order book that's out and if she calls 1-800-758-1444, she can get the catalog and it's in there. Thank you."

"Hello Mail Call. I enjoy your articles in the paper every day and I'm calling in regards to the person that said the police doesn't pull anyone over on Robinwood Drive. In my hand I'm holding a ticket dated 11/18/98 for 6 o'clock in the morning and it's proof that they do pull you over. Thanks."

"Yes, this is to all the liberals in young generations out there that's going to be trying to get Social Security in the years to come. Well, if you watched Dr. Kevorkian on CBS the other night when he committed murder, then you're going to see how you're going to get your Social Security because when you get too old to be of any use to society, they are going to put you to sleep. So think about it when you go and vote and grip and holler and hoop about how great these liberals are. They are gonna take care of you. You can count on it."

"Yes, this is about the lighthouse that someone wanted. There is a placed called the Lighthouse Depot and it has the Bodie Lighthouse. Call 1-800-758-1444 and get their catalog. Thank you."

"Why is it that everybody in Hagerstown has to constantly pit the South End against the North End? The North End always gets more attention blah, blah, blah. What are you talking about? I had no problem with the little insert about Christmas on the North End. It was nice and very informative. Perhaps the North End just has more shops and things that are doing Christmas things. Maybe they should do one about the South End but let's face it. There's more shops that are perhaps of nicer quality in the North End of town. I don't see why you guys have to constantly pit the schools against each other. Hagerstown in one town and it should be united. And quit criticizing the mayor anyway. What do you mean he's joke? You don't even say what you mean in this Mail Call. What do you mean when you say he's a joke?"

"I just want to say that the local discount stores are the stupidest stores in town when it comes to these Furbies. I got there today before 5 o'clock and I was probably 30 something in line. By the time they opened up the doors people were butting in line and they told the people that wanted Furbies to go to the Snack Bar. Some did and then the store changed their minds and said that they were going to hand out tickets. They handed out a few and then they told everybody to go and get in line. By the time you got back in line I was probably 90 something in line. The people that got there around 6 or so got one and I didn't after standing there all that time. I think this store sucks!!!"

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