Our thanks to you

November 25, 1998

Every week, there are people who call The Herald-Mail with tips, or who agree to talk to our reporters, and it's not because they have a government post that requires them to explain how they spend taxpayers' dollars or because they have something to gain. They do it, sometimes at great risk to themselves, because they believe in the public's right to know.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank them. Without them, and many like them, we couldn't do our jobs. And they're not the only ones who deserve a pat on the back. Others include:

- Our readers, who make it possible for us to cover the news by subscribing to The Herald-Mail, and who make the product more interesting by offering constructive criticism and their letters on topics of current interest.

- Our advertisers, who put their faith in our ability to deliver their message to thousands of readers in a timely matter, using a product that's not only guaranteed to arrive by 6 a.m., but which is interesting and informative as well.


- Our carriers, those independent contractors who get up before dawn to drive motor routes and walk the neighborhoods so Tri-state area readers can get the news at their doorsteps, no matter how slippery it is in the street below.

- Our reporters and editors, who perform the minor miracle of creating a newspaper every day, with ingredients that are completely different from the ones used the day before.

- Our sales and business department personnel, who sell advertising, produce attractive layouts and pay the bills so Herald-Mail can generate the profits that allow us to do our jobs.

- Our professionals in the various shops - from computers to photography to the press room - who help turn information, ink and paper into a daily dose of history.

We're sure there are others whose names we haven't mentioned, but it's not because we don't care about them. As this editorial has tried to suggest, we're successful only because there's a network of people - inside and outside our company - who care about news and how we cover it. We can't think of a better day to thank all of them for their help.

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