MailCall for 11/20

November 20, 1998

"Everybody wants to complain about our local police officers but this evening I pulled off the road and it was dark out and a police officer stopped and asked me if everything was OK. He made sure that I was fine before leaving. I'd like to thank that gentleman for stopping and making sure that I was fine. We do have some good police officers in this area. So let's take the time to thank them, too."

"The federal government's instant gun check only applies to firearms not regulated by the state of Maryland. The Maryland State Police will maintain approval for sale of all handguns and assault-type long guns approved for sale in Maryland. Further state law requires a seven-day waiting period with a background check for all regulated firearm sales in Maryland with a $10 charge per background check. The instant check for handguns and assault-type weapons does not apply in Maryland."


"Congratulations to the Hagerstown Dolphins football team, coaches and the cheerleaders for a great season and good luck in the playoffs. We know you can do it."

"Hello Mail Call. A few weeks back some kind soul found our keys on the grassy part of the parking lot at Valley Mall and turned them into the center and we never did get the name of the person who found them but we sure want to thank you, whoever you were. We appreciate your honesty in kindly returning our keys. Thank you again."

"This is for all the people telling that lady who was married for 18 years to get a divorce and take everything that guy has. You guys are probably the same people that said it's OK for Clinton to do what he did. So it really doesn't make any sense. I hope she doesn't get anthing and he must have had a good reason."

"This is to the guy that said about the billboard and smoking. You were right, I went into a store the other day and saw that Virginia Slims were 25 cents off each pack and it made me want to start smoking."

"Yes, I see where Councilwoman Susan Saum-Wicklein is again taking care of her interests. She wants to ban bars in downtown Hagerstown. Bars should stay open because anybody that goes downtown would have to be drunk. Thank you."

"Scrape the Earnhardt stickers off my windows? Fat chance! Just watch the Dale and Dale Show Saturday night in Japan and watch the crybaby and his warriors go whining somewhere over the rainbow."


"To the people that called in and helped me with my rhubarb plant. Thank you so much for telling me what to do to protect this plant through the winter. I didn't use any of it this year and I left it alone. Again - thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. You've been doing a lot of busting on people who smoke and I just wanted to say to the person who called in about the billboard. That is absolutely ludicrous. People smoke because they enjoy it and if everybody's first cigarette was so terrible, then why do they continue to smoke? I think the people that do the most complaining are the people that just don't have the nerve to try it themselves. Thank you Mail Call."

"The Daily Mail of Wednesday had an article about the county pledging $50,000 for the Ag Center. Why not put that museum in the roundhouse and we will get more than one facility for our bucks? Thank you."

"Hello. I'd like to know if there's a place around Hagerstown selling groceries that were organically grown without pesticides? Thank you."

"To the lady that wanted to know if the foundation of a house built during this time of year would or should leak. No, it should not and if it does, then the builder did something wrong."

"I would like to wish my husband Lucky a happy 30th birthday on Nov. 24 from his loving wife Tina."

"I can't believe that someone would call in and blame that poor lady for getting sideswiped by a tractor-trailer. He should have been slowing down and not trying to run her off the road just so he could be in the fast lane or the left lane."

"Yes, I have a comment to make about all these people calling in concerning these Beanie Babies and the fact that store owners are holding them back or not selling them or giving them to their friends or whatever, blab, blab, blab. Do you all realize that each person selling them are only entitled up to 36 of each Beanie Baby per month? There's a lot more people out there collecting them than all the stores in Hagerstown are receiving. Plus there's a lot of people coming from Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Lord only knows where else. So it's not us 'greedy' people or merchants that are out there that are holding back. It's because of the fact that we have so many people collecting them and that we can't keep them in stock and it makes it hard to make sure everyone can get one or two as we put them out on the shelves. Thank you."

"Yes. I'd like to know what problem the city has with waiving the $37,000 permit fees for the renovation of South High when they certainly did it for North High when it was renovated a few years ago? I would like to know the reasoning why they would do it for one but not the other."

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