MailCall for 11/19

November 19, 1998

"This is to the person who called in on Nov. 17 about people riding their bumpers. If you people would learn how to drive, we wouldn't have to ride your bumpers. You go down the street and you gawk at everything except for what you're supposed to be doing. You try to light your cigarettes, you act like a bunch of idiots. You're supposed to be in your car on the road to go somewhere. Stop gawking around like an idiot and drive like you're supposed to. Get where you're going and we won't drive on your tail but until then beware - I'll be right there behind you, especially if you are in my way!"

"Thank God for Mail Call. What can we do about all the music in grocery stores, shopping stores, restaurants and everyplace else, wherever you go today? It's a deadly beat to it for people with heart trouble. Does anyone care about anyone or anything? Can we have some soft, smooth music? We could stay in the place a little longer instead of having to leave due to the loud beating music being played that destroys our systems. In an article in The Daily Mail last week it said that loud beating music destroys our system and soft, smooth music heals our bodies. Put music on for all to share. We're not deaf and the young people that play all that loud music can't hear well. God bless and love you all. Thank you."


"To the fellow who was worried about Congress protecting his right to burn the American flag and his first amendment rights. Wake up buddy. The second amendment is also endangered. You don't seem to be too worried about that."

"Yeah, I'm calling about the communist calling himself a veteran. If you want to burn the flag, go back to Germany or whatever sorry place your thoughts came from. You don't salute the same great flag I do. I make my kids salute and watch the National Anthem on TV and make them stand and cross their hearts when we're at a sports event or whatever is being saluted to. Yeah, God and my family come first and then my country but to see you burning the American flag will make me wonder why you're even here. You stated that in Germany many people died for burning their flag. I wonder, would our country be better off if we did that? It couldn't be any worse. Just read The Daily Mail on Nov. 17 and maybe you'll see what I mean. And by the way, I am a veteran."

"Did anyone out there get the pay per view WWF Wrestling Sunday evening on Channel 43? I had a lot of interference throughout the entire three hours and when I called the cable company they told me that no one else had called in and complained or had any trouble. So what I want to know is if there is anyone out there who got this program and had a lot of interference or trouble? If you did will you please call Mail Call and let me know? Thank you."

"Yes, it's very dangerous for a little baby to be put in a car without a seat belt but it's also very dangerous for a mother or father to hold a baby on their lap while they are driving and I've seen this many times. It's also dangerous for people to drive around with dogs sitting on their laps, too."

"First thing, where does the paper get off making a murderer a hero? Tyrone Gilliam murdered a girl for $3. Take a minute and think of her and her family. Think of this - the murderer had a chance to say goodbye to the people he wanted to and had the privilege of dying peacefully. Which one of these did that girl have? If the state of Maryland would put more murderers to death decent people wouldn't have to worry when their kids went out to play or went to the mall. But we do have to worry because there's people out who want the criminals to have all the rights. You want me to feel sorry for the criminals, well how about feeling sorry for the victims? By the article in your paper, I almost forgot about the victim and that's a shame. He deserved to die and more should be given the same sentence. What gives me the right to murder your child and then live off the state for 20 or more years and then be back on the street? Thank you Mail Call."

"I do hope that Mr. Shank has many years to enjoy his relaxed living that he's looking forward to. The way he and Ron Bowers were attacked, especially in Mail Call, really made me sick."

"Yes, in The Daily Mail of Nov. 12, on the front page there was an article "Who is pocketing your donations," about giving to charities. Every year I get a call from the Hagerstown Firefighters Union to donate to send under privileged kids to the circus. I have heard talk that the people who pick up the donations, the firefighters, get a percentage of the money for picking it up. I'd like to know how true this is or if people are just talking and if they do get a percentage I think the public might like to know how much."

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