MailCall for 11/17

November 17, 1998

"Yes, would somebody from the United Way put in the paper so we know who gets the most money - the Boy and Girl Scouts of America or the handicapped and mentally retarded? I'd just like to see who gets the most out of those groups and see what the people think about who gets the most. Sometimes I wonder why the Boy and Girl Scouts of America get more money than the handicapped and mentally retarded. Somewhere along the line, I think we need an explanation about all this."

"Hey Mail Callers, people of Hagerstown, why don't you give life a break and everyone else around you? You people are so miserable, you're tired. Back off. It's a shame, You really are. There's no need to be coming up on somebody's back bumper sitting there at the light waiting for a light to change. You got an idiot come up on you and sits probably no more than a couple of inches on your back bumper. I'm trying to figure this out. I mean, I see all this down around the city and all. Now we got people living up here in the mountains that are trying to play city. If you want to live like the city, you want to act like the city, go live in the city OK? Back off."


"Good morning Mail Call. Yes, I'd like to make a comment about our television station WHAG. It's pretty bad when Channel 13 from Baltimore comes up here and gives us the story that I think we should all hear and all WHAG does is just make a little report about it and that's just it. No pictures, no nothing and Channel 13 came up here and took pictures of that dirty home, the dead dog and our police station and WHAG had nothing. It's really disgusting how they say they report the Tri-State area. No they don't! It's never anything about this area. It's always about Frederick, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and every place else except Hagerstown. I think they should just sign off the air."

"Yes, this is to the lady that didn't have her grandchildren in restraints. If you would have had them in the restraints the other person could have been able to mind their own business. That's what restraints are for and it is the law, so use them!"

"I see where Ron Bowers says that we won't have him to kick around anymore. This is not true. Ron Bowers will be kicked around for years. His legacy will be a $55 million debacle that this county will never get out of."

"Is anyone else incensed by the current billboard advertising campaign being conducted by a local convenience store? Large billboards ask questions regarding being ostracized, shunned or persecuted. The solution says quote, 'Maybe this will help.' A brand of cigarettes and its price is then displayed. I have never seen such a blatant attempt to target new young smokers. The message hits them at a time in their lives when they feel all the above feelings. What a sad state to think the stores want to attract and sell them their products that offer nothing but eventual death."

"A man may rule over thousands and not rule his own spirit."

"Yes, I will haul away anyone's bales of straw that they used for Halloween decorations and now need to dispose of. My number is 301-791-1026."

"Mail Call, a word about not refunding your $3 down in Sharpsburg because it costs too much to be refunded. Question - how much will be spent to collect that same $3 of the taxpayers in case they underpaid? I would like to know. Taxpayer."

"Hello Mail Call. May I use this column to thank a few people? On Nov. 8 my children and friends and family gave me a surprise 60th birthday party and it was a great day. Thank you Paula, Brenda, Tony and Steven for all of your hard work and to my friends, thank you for sharing that day with me and for all your generous gifts. B."

"Hello Mail Call. People have been warned over and over again about those fraudulent promotions that has been going on all around all the time. The one about the trip to the Bahamas is the worst one in this area. Anybody that has been shopping has seen those yellow forms that you fill out. If anyone filling out those forms reads the backside of it, then you should realize that all they want to do is to rip you off."

"The brick work and flower beds have added to the beauty of our downtown square. I enjoy it every time I drive by. Thanks."

"This is for the person that called in asking if anyone was making homemade soup. Yes, I am."

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