Keedysville annexation OK'd

November 16, 1998|By KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

KEEDSYVILLE, Md. - Keedysville Town Council approved the annexation of 91.8 acres of land Monday evening, giving one of the property owners the go-ahead for a 69-home subdivision.

The annexation involves the property of three landowners: Victor Peeke, John Burtner and Paul Williams.

Peeke owns a 53-acre site south of town.

Burtner owns 14.9 acres south of Wyand Drive and Williams owns two parcels, one 8.8 acres, the other 14.4 acres, east of the city limits, adjacent to Wyand Drive.

Burtner and Williams farm their land but Peeke intends to build 69 homes on a 109-acre parcel.

Peeke asked for the annexation because he wanted the entire development within one jurisdiction. A portion of his land is in the town and another is in Washington County.

"It's a good solid plan. It incorporates a combination of open spaces and trails," said Peeke.

He said the development will be in harmony with the environment and the community will benefit from the walking trails and new road included in the proposal.


Peeke said the Washington County Planning Commission already had approved a concept plan. That approval allowed him to continue with the subdivision without the annexation.

Keedsyville Town Council heard from members of the public before voting on the annexation. Of about 20 people who attended the meeting, seven voiced concerns about increased population, traffic and changes to the small-town atmosphere.

Councilwoman Yvonne Hope cast the only dissenting vote against the annexation.

"I don't think we've addressed all of the questions and concerns. We don't know enough about what the impact will be," she said.

"I agree with most of the pro-growth comments but we can't dismiss the increased traffic on Dogstreet," said Randall Sebold.

Sebold, who lives on Dogstreet Road, said motorists drive at around 60 mph on the street, which is posted at 35 mph.

"You can hear it (car) coming almost a mile away and it's moving," he said.

A traffic impact study was completed on the county-owned portion of Dogstreet Road as required by the planning commission.

Peeke said the study was done and found acceptable with up to 120 homes - 51 more than he is planning to build.

Gail Reams of Geeting Road said she believes Peeke is working with the community to mitigate any negative effects the development may have.

"He's been very responsive to input by the town," she added.

Reams said the town will benefit from the development by the increased tax base.

"I thought he had a really good plan,"said Reams.

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