New principal has big plans for school

November 16, 1998|By DAVE McMILLION, Charles Town

INWOOD, W.Va. - Martha Grove already has some definite ideas about how she wants a new intermediate school in Inwood to be organized.

Most importantly, Grove believes it should be a community-based school, offering more than an education to fourth- and fifth-grade students.

There is no boys and girls club in the Inwood area, but the school could help fill the void by offering extracurricular programs to students on Friday evenings, said Grove, who was named principal of the new school last week.

Grove said she believes it is important for the school to be actively involved in the neighborhood, given the Inwood area's strong interest in its schools and community.

"It's like a big family. It's an amazing place to live," said Grove, often called "Marty" by her colleagues.

The intermediate school, the second one in the county specially designed to free up classroom space, will be in the current Musselman Middle School building, said Berkeley County Board of Education member Bill Sonnik.


The newest intermediate school, Potomack Intermediate, was dedicated during a ceremony Sunday afternoon.

The new intermediate schools are designed to free up room in elementary schools for all-day kindergarten, said Sonnik.

Potomack Intermediate will teach third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students, and the Inwood intermediate school will teach pupils in grades four and five.

To allow for the second intermediate school in Inwood, Musselman Middle School will be moved across U.S. 11 to the former site of Musselman High School.

Construction is under way to create the new middle school, officials said.

With the new Musselman High School just a short distance down U.S. 11, the three buildings are hoped to give the area a "campus" feel, said Berkeley County Schools spokeswoman Mary Jo Brown.

Grove, currently the principal at Tuscarora Elementary School, received praise from Sonnik.

"She's an excellent administrator," Sonnik said. "I really think it will be good for the system, the kids and her."

The new Inwood intermediate school, which has not been named, should be ready to open next year.

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