Mail Call

November 11, 1998

"Ron Bowers lost in the recent election due to many variables, however, the most important of these are the following: Ron Bowers lost because he abandoned the group that had historically put him in office - working people - by racking up a $55 million debt. Bowers insures future sewer rate increases and definitely the possibly of tax increases. This is why Ron Bowers lost!"

"Yeah, I'm calling for a senior citizen. She likes to make quilts but she has rheumatism in her hands and she can't do that anymore. She'd love it if anyone has a little portable sewing machine that they would like to get rid of or pay a little bit for it. She'd really appreciate it. She's 91-years-old and the phone number is 301-739-1837."

"Hello Mail Call. I have never seen such delightful and gorgeous dew point days as we have been having. I'm surprised that more people haven't called in and commented on those fantastic dew point days. Dew points, you have been my life line. May we have many more delightful dew point days."


"I'd like to give a little comment to the person or persons that called in about Mr. Limbaugh, Bob Grant and Barry Farber bashing Mr. Clinton. Well, the only thing I can say to that party is - when you're trash, you get trashed."

"Does anyone else think that the Hagerstown City water tastes and smells like mud or decaying leaves?"

"Yes, I'm calling in again to ask if anyone is having this problem. My two daughters are losing their fingernails for no apparent reason. I am very worried about this because no one can tell me what's wrong with them. If anyone out there knows why this is happening or it is happening to them or their children or if they even know of it happening to someone else's child, I'd sure like to hear about it. I've been trying to find out all I can about this and I'm hoping someone who reads Mail Call will be able to help me out. Please call me at 301-733-0952 if you know anything or have any information at all. Thank you very much."

"Hello Mail Call. This is Monday, Nov. 9 and I'm reading here in the paper about a woman that was crossing over the bridge into West Virginia and was in the left lane and a tractor-trailer came down crossing the bridge and side-swiped her and darn near tore the whole side of the car off OK. Let me just put a little input to this woman. In the future if you're gonna be driving in the left lane, and you got a tractor-trailer coming down there, please have some respect and move the car over to the right lane, the slow lane so the tractor-trailer can get by. They have appointments and some of them are coming all the way from California to deliver here. So next time, heed to the fast lane driver."

"Yes, I have some iris roots available. My phone number is 301-582-0984. Thank you."

"Sometimes people will put their ignorance in print. This is for that 'please, please, please put Mail Call in the morning paper.' Well, will somebody please, please, please tell that person that Hagerstown has two newspapers. Since there is a difference in the publications, each paper is exclusive in some of their materials. If either paper duplicated everything the other one had, then there would only need to be one paper but that person can continue to borrow the paper."

"A friend of mine told me that General Motors calls the shots in NASCAR and I really didn't pay much attention to him until this last race of the season. Why in the world do they wait until the last race of the season to drop the 5x5 rule? Maybe NASCAR wanted to make sure General Motors won the Manufacturer's Award which they did, or maybe they wanted to make sure Jeff Gordon won his 13th race and tie Richard Petty, which he did. I think even the Chevy, the diehard Chevy fans, would even agree that it's kind of strange that they want until the last race of the season and then change the spoiler rules. What Ford ought to do is to just pull right out of NASCAR!"

"Hello Mail Call. I'd just like to call in and congratulate the Sports department tonight because this is the first time in a long time that we haven't seen a picture of a Williamsport sports program on the front page of the sports section. It might be nice to take and remind them that there are other schools in the county other than Williamsport and they also might want to look at the records of some of these other schools other than just Williamsport."

"Hi Mail Call. To the lady who was married for 18 years and now found out that hubby is having an affair. My advice to you is to get yourself a good lawyer and take everything he's got! Good luck honey, give him what he deserves - NOTHING!"

"I'm a first time caller and I want to give my comment or thoughts of the recent County Commissioners race. It seems Sue Tuckwell who spent the most money of all the candidates and still didn't win, she should have put that money to better use."

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