Iseminger wins fifth commissioners seat

November 06, 1998

Iseminger wins fifth seatBy LAURA ERNDE / Staff Writer

photo: JOE CROCETTA / staff photographer

The third time was the charm for Independent Bert L. Iseminger Jr., who held onto his lead for Washington County Commissioner after absentee ballots were counted Thursday.

"I'm glad it's over. I can't tell you. I'm about ready to fall over," said Iseminger.

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It was the third time Iseminger has run for an election in which he had to wait for absentee ballots to be sure of the outcome. The first two times, in bids for state delegate, he lost by fewer than 40 votes.

After election officials read the results of the 1,546 absentee ballots, Iseminger got a congratulatory handshake and hug from Susan T. Tuckwell, who had hoped to close in on his 86-vote lead.


Instead, Iseminger picked up some votes, widening his lead over Tuckwell to 196 votes, according to complete but unofficial results.

Tuckwell, a Democrat who was making her first run for public office, said she was relieved to know the results of the election, even though they weren't in her favor.

"It's a long campaign and we did our best. If you have to lose to somebody, Bert's a great guy," she said.

Both Iseminger and Tuckwell worked hard to win the favor of absentee voters. Each sent campaign literature to people who requested absentee ballots.

After the results came in, Iseminger hugged some of the election officials who have become so familiar to him.

The Washington County Commissioners will be made up of two Republicans, Gregory I. Snook and William J. Wivell, and two Democrats, Paul L. Swartz and John L. Schnebly.

Iseminger is believed to be the first Independent Party candidate elected to the commissioners.

The new board of commissioners will meet for the first time on Dec. 1.

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