Letters to the Editor

November 04, 1998

Scholarships should go to students in need

To the editor:

Do you need more money to go to college? Of course, we all do. I am writing in response to the letter to the editor from Paul Muldowney about flaws in the state lawmakers' scholarship award process.

I definitely agree with Paul Muldowney and Pam Miller when they stated that tax dollars should be used for those high school seniors who might not otherwise go to college.

Many students are missing out on scholarships for no good reason at all. It is not fair that students receive scholarships because their families are close to the person giving the scholarship, or just because a person works for them. The people giving the scholarships may feel they are doing someone a favor or they feel like they owe somebody something. People who have a substantial annual income have many other ways available to them for receiving scholarships.


Parents who both work but cannot come up with a way to send their children to college cause their children to miss out on a scholarship - or they miss out because their annual income is not high enough. Many people are in need of money to help them go to college, so they miss out on going to college just because they do not have connections with people in high places or because they are not "good enough." People need to express their feelings on this topic or nothing will ever be done.

Due to the inconsideration of our society, people are missing out on important steps in their future. The method of awarding scholarships is definitely flawed.

Stephanie Strite


Make pool fun again

To the editor:

Our family always buys a season pass to Potterfield Pool.

The $55 season pass is a real bargain. Five years ago, when we lived in Harford County, we paid almost three times that rate to belong to a public pool.

The pool and the grounds are clean and neat. This summer the pool was open later each day than last, which was more convenient for working folks.

On occasion the police have been summoned to break up fights at the pool or the nearby Little League park.

The loud rock or country music that is blared over the old, defective speakers at the pool grates on the nerves and makes pleasant poolside conversations nearly impossible.

The lifeguards are very attentive to the safety of swimmers and those using the diving boards. Parking is so limited it is often hard to find a space. The dusty, gravel parking lot must be uncomfortable for many patrons in flip-flops or bare feet.

There is no adult swim time as at many public pools. There is no lap lane for those who like to do laps. My wife and I miss that!

The staff should not close when fewer than 10 people are in the pool. Late one afternoon our family of five called ahead to see if the pool was open. We were told yes, but when we arrived a few minutes later, we were told the pool was closing for lack of swimmers. They stayed open for us, a family of five, when we reminded them that we had called ahead to be sure the pool was open. Stick to the posted hours, unless there is bad weather!

To screen for city residents, a photo ID needs to be issued for admission to the pool. The Department of Public Works could set up the photo ID equipment at their Memorial Boulevard site. I am not sure what criteria would prove you are a city resident.

Perhaps a driver's license, if available, a voter's card, etc., could be used as evidence. To boost use of the pool, offer Red Cross swim lessons or start a swim team. Have adult nights, teen nights, family nights - make it fun! More people will join or come if it is fun again.

Darryl Zoller


Caring folks

To the editor:

I want to thank the young employees of McDonald's on Northern Avenue for taking care of a lost dog until they located the owner through Park Circle Hospital.

Thanks to Park Circle also for returning their call. The employees fed and watered the dog and gave it lots of affection. Thanks to all.

This happened Sunday, Oct 11. Also a huge appreciation to Jim, a fellow who every morning feeds two cats and while working has a friend of his feed the cats also.

All of the above is what all people should be. Caring about all animals and their welfare. I am proud to know such people.

Rosa Lee Meyers


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