Mail Call

November 04, 1998

"I know there is more than one person out there who can answer this question. I am a perfectly healthy person. Now can I walk into a doctor's office on a pair of crutches or a cane in each hand and could I come out with a handicapped permit?"

"I'd like to say thank you to everyone that was at the scene of the accident on Oct. 21 on Pennsylvania Avenue. Everyone was such a help and I thought that everyone went out of their way to help comfort my three children and myself and for calling my husband and for the state police who held my neck until the ambulance got there. And also for the blankets to keep me warm. Even the ambulance people were so nice and comforted me and my children. The hospital staff was great. For everyone that helped out my husband and me, we would like to say thanks. P.S. The children are fine but I'm still real sore and in a neck brace but anyway, thanks again to everyone that helped. It's good to know that there's still good people out there and good cops. Thank you very much, Michelle."


"This is for the person who called in wanting to know where to find a radio station on the radio dial. The station is WAMU FM-88.5 weekdays at 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 12 to 5 p.m. Get familiar with that station and its musical format and you won't be disappointed at the 40s and 50s music during those time slots."

"I'm calling in response to the lady who lives in the city and someone spoke not very nice to her because she was a black lady. If I was her, I'd say to that lady, 'I'd like to speak to you. Those words went out when slavery went out.' I'd also tell her that she should be a little better educated. Maybe she could go to night school and learn how to speak. Black took the place of that word when slavery went out and evidentially she's not very up on things."

"I think the NASCAR coverage in the paper could be a lot better. You never see anything on the front page about it. How come?"

"My opinion is to build a casino gambling palace in downtown Hagerstown or anywhere in Washington County and we could keep the gambling profits in the county and also our city."

"Yes, I'm sorry I'm late but I'd like to wish Jim Barger, a happy 68th birthday. I've had 43 joyous years with him so happy birthday Jim."

"I'm a woman also and I roar, too. I'm a proud Jeff Gordon fan and I know and so do others, that he's the best. He's a winner. Call him a cheater or whatever, jealousy gets you nowhere. Your driver can't beat him so call him whatever. He knows how to win. By the way, he's won another championship this year and he wins because he knows how to drive - unlike the others. To me he's a winner. Hurrah Jeff Gordon, 1998 NASCAR Champion again. So put that in your pipe and smoke it."

"Yes, Mail Call. I just opened the paper and I saw another smiling face of a kid holding a big mushroom. She looks so happy. Just keep those pictures coming. I love to look at those kids with smiling faces.'

"This is to all you NASCAR racing fans. I think all of you should get off your comfortable couches and go outside and do something productive. Nobody really cares if Jeff Gordon or Rusty Wallace is the best. Personally, I like the Fonz!! Hey-!"

"Now come on Hagerstown Zoning Commission. I see where we're adding gas stations to shopping center lots. Isn't the traffic bad enough now? Next thing you know, somebody's gonna ask for a permit to build an outhouse in one of the shopping centers. I guess you'll give a permit for that, too."

"Hi Mail Call. I'd just like to wish Ricky Pike a happy birthday. Love you, you know who."

"I'd like to congratulate all the Yankee fans for the Yankees winning the World Series but I want to let them know one thing, it's awful sad in baseball when the team that's got a lineup like the Yankees can win 125 games. That just goes to show you how weak baseball has gotten since all these expansion teams. There's not 15 good pitchers in the whole Major League so you know, with loaded bats and loaded balls anything to draw a crowd, they're doing it now. So they don't really have anything to be proud of except for having the title of winning the World Series but I think they could pick a bunch of American Legion All-Star and the Minor League combined and they'd probably beat them."

"Does anyone have any iris roots that they'd like to give away or sell cheap?"

"Yes Mail Call. I love your column and I was just wondering if your readers could answer something for me? Where do you go to get full-service at gas stations anymore? I think it's a shame that the handicapped have yet another problem to overcome. Eddie Pike has provided a wonderful service to our community but now all of his pumps are self-service and I just wonder if someone could tell me where the handicapped people can go to get full-service gasoline?"

"I just came back from voting here in Halfway and I just want to put this in Mail Call. I went out there and the traffic was jammed up from Hickory School to Lincoln Avenue. I waited 45 minutes even to get near the voting booth. Why does the state roads on the day of election have to go out there and fix that road? Couldn't they put that off until after the election? Now the traffic isn't just lined up one way. The other traffic was lined up clear from Williamsport all the way up to Hickory School. That's ridiculous. It's enough when you try and get people to come out and vote but when they have to fight traffic for 45 minutes while they're fixing the road, that's ridiculous."

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