Turn over a new leaf and begin a journey toward healthier eating

November 03, 1998

Health fall cookingCrisp, cool breezes vibrant hues of orange and red. Autumn is in the air.

This year as the foliage changes from green to gold, turn over a new leaf and begin a journey toward healthier eating.

Start with a trip to your local farmers' market. There you'll find an array of just-harvested produce that is perfect for stewing, roasting, sauting or baking. From squash to turnips, from apples to pears, you can make heartwarming meals that are nutritious and delicious.

So go ahead, as the temperature drops this fall, turn over a new leaf and stir up recipes that are both hearty and healthy.


--courtesy of Alberto Culver Co.

Quick tips for healthier eating

* Pay attention to your body's needs. We tend to eat more in the fall, but remember eat only when you're hungry, and stop before you're too full.

* As autumn winds begin to stir, switch your morning cereal from cold to hot. Warm oatmeal, made buttery with butter-flavored sprinkles will get you off to a good start without added fat.

* Want a healthy "munchie" while cozying up to the fire on a crisp autumn evening? Think air-popped popcorn. It's nutritious, and when sprinkled with butter-flavored sprinkles, it's fat-free.

* For a diverse selection of nutrients, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. The freshest can be found at local farmers' markets. Spice them up with your favorite seasoning instead of salt.

* When trying to change your eating habits, be realistic. Make small, steady changes to create healthier habits that will last.



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