Our siblings help shape who we are

October 30, 1998|By KATY HUFFER

When I was younger, I used to fight with my brother and sister all the time. I can't even count the times I wished I was an only child. Now that I've gotten older, I'm glad that I'm not.

I've realized that our siblings help shape who we are. Had I been an only child, I would be a completely different person right now.

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Even though my big brother is seven years older than me, we still hung out a lot. I credit his influence for me ending up a tomboy. My obsession with sports definitely stemmed from my time spent with him.

He was totally patient with me, too. Whenever he had friends over, he didn't treat me like a pesky little sister. I was just one of the guys.


My brother and I get along even better now. Of course, we still fight, but it's over stupid stuff. We're always arguing over who's the best quarterback or who's got the better jump shot.

My older sister and I fight more often. We used to fight nonstop when we were younger.

The thing we fought about most was who got to sit in the front seat of the car. Of course, she always won because she's the oldest. I don't think I got to sit in the front until I turned 16, and then I didn't care because I could drive my own car.

We fight now because she insists I'm spoiled since I'm the baby of the family. She had it harder because she was the first born, 11 years before me. She calls me "the golden child" because I always get my way.

That, however, isn't always true.

Being the youngest of the family isn't easy, either. I'm a legal adult who's capable of making her own decisions. Somehow, everyone forgets that and tries to make my decisions for me.

The great thing about having siblings is that no matter how bad things get, they always are there for you. I always had my own personal cheering section, someone to stick up for me, and two people who knew all my faults and loved me anyway.

You may not always get along with your sister or brother, but that doesn't change the fact that you're related. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.

Katy Huffer is a sophomore at Hagerstown Community College.

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