Mail Call for Thursday, Oct. 29

October 29, 1998

"Hello, Mail Call. Ron Bowers is very fair and he's honest and he returns phone calls. Thank you."

"Voters of Washington County, Nov. 3, vote Paul Swartz. He will listen to all the voters in Washington County and do what the majority of people want."

"Listen up, voters and taxpayers of Washington County. The only way we can take back the power from the politicians is term limits and we have the capability with not voting in incumbents. If we stop voting these same incumbents in election after election we will take the power back and send a strong message down there to do our will. I, for one, am not voting for any incumbents this year. Thanks, Mail Call."

"Hi, Mail Call. Congratulations, Rusty Wallace, for winning the race on Sunday in Phoenix and Rusty, even though you won't win the championship this year, this fan thinks that you're the greatest. Love you, baby."


"I'd like to thank the female deputy that helped me out last Friday morning around 7:30 in Boonsboro. I was helping another gentleman out to get his vehicle home and she assisted us. I'd just like to say thanks."

"In response to the comment on Matthew Sheppard, the Christian Right does not have Matthew Sheppard's blood on its hands. Christians do not want to hurt homosexuals. They just want them to see that there is a better way. God loves all of his children even when they do things that he has forbidden. He wants them to see the errors of their ways and that there is a possibly for change and that they can call on Him for strength in times of difficulty and trial. The only blood a Christian is covered in is the blood of Christ, shed for us ALL for the remission of sins. May you come to know Him, his cleansing blood and his love for you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I was responding to the person who called in on Monday evening about Jefferson Heights area having trick or treating. First of all what does it matter who puts the little slip in your mailbox? Second of all, it is impossible to get the whole neighborhood together and decide on one night to have trick or treating and third of all, if you're going to complain then don't treat, just keep your porch light off, please. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I would like to know why school teachers are telling their students that they don't have to listen to what they are being told at home? Thank you very much."

"Hi. Hello Mail Call. This is directed to Bob Maginnis. I see he's endorsed everyone of the gun grabbing delegates that he can think of except for John Corderman. I guess an editorial will come out this week sometime endorsing him, too. As a gun owner and one who's involved and keeps up on the issues surrounding these constituents, I don't see why I would vote for anybody that he's endorsed so far because if you remember and recall that some of these delegates, some of these candidates were in office before and we all know what they did then. Instead of telling us what they do for us, why doesn't Bob write an editorial showing the rights that they have taken away from us? Thank you."

"I just don't understand how Chris Shank doesn't see that getting state scholarships from John Donoghue was a conflict of interest. He had an unfair advantage over anybody else that applied. He said he's for less government but he goes against everything he has done to date. Now he wants to be a lifelong politician. We deserve better!"

"Hi. I don't know about the rest of the citizens from Hagerstown but I'm getting sick and tired of people committing cold-blooded murder in this town and getting off with sentences that will one day put them back on the streets of this town. I think the judges and state's attorneys in this town needs to wake up and start putting people where they belong - in jail for the rest of their lives. Thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. On last Wednesday morning about a week ago I was a black man in a cab pushing a patient into the emergency room and he looked like he was in terrible pain. I turned around to look again and I noticed this was an older gentleman from the Sharpsburg/Boonsboro area and who was later admitted to the hospital for a very serious operation. You know, it's pretty bad when the people here in this county lets people go in a cab to the hospital without any help at all from a relative. I think this should be put in the paper and I'd like to hear comments from other people. Thank you."

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