October 23, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I'd like to make a comment to the person or persons who are calling in about Jeff Gordon. That subject is getting rather old and his record, it speaks for itself but everybody's entitled to like who they want to like in racing, baseball, football, etc. Why people are calling in about this I have no idea."

"Congratulations to the Landco Turf Service Girls Soccer Team for the YMCA on their playing. You're looking good. Keep up the team work."


"This is for the fast-food employees in the Hagerstown area. It would really be nice to go in there and have a nice smile and for them to be cheerful, to be interested in doing their jobs and not whining about how tired they are or what they did the night before. Their heads could be clean and half decently done. Their hair is usually a mess. They don't thank you, they're not pleasant and no, it's not a high paying job but it's still a job and you're in the public eye. I mean, you know you don't go in there looking like you belong in a bathrobe and the attitudes are terrible. I hate to do this but I'm sick of it. My kids and I don't want to hear your complaining and grumbling. We don't want food that's not done right. Maybe this won't do any good but I'm just sick of it."

"I'd like to thank the politicians who have increased our quality of life by banning smoking in restaurants. It's no fun going in and having to breathe second-hand smoke. Thank you again."

"Hi Mail Call. Being a child of the 60s I believe in sex, drugs and rock n' roll and totally support Bill Clinton as President of these United States. Thank you."

"Yes, three cheers for Tessa Shank for winning her division of the Elks Soccer Shootout. Good luck at regionals. Way to go Tessa!"

"While the Christian Right abhors the gay lifestyle they also abhor and condemn the heartless murder of confessed gay Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. Please, the Christian Right is blameless."

"Hi. I'd like to wish my friend Billy Crampton a happy 53rd birthday. Happy birthday Billy."

"Does anyone know where I can purchase a quarter-inch curling iron? The smallest I've been able to find is a half-inch. If you know where I can get one, please call me at 301-745-5617. Thank you for your help."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm interested in finding out why anyone would run for public office that never voted or wasn't even registered? And I was totally surprised that Greg Snook had missed three times of not voting. It just boggles my mind as to how he even got the position to begin with. People just voted for Snook because of his father and he really didn't know anything about politics and he misses half of the meetings. So I hope everyone would please vote for a different name. We don't want anyone in from the past and that means on the school board, too. Marie Byers should go and Sue Tuckwell, too."

"I see in Wednesday's paper, Oct. 22 where a little boy was selling candy from Northern Middle School and a masked man robbed him of his candy bars and $30. I don't think the schools should be allowing these young children to sell candy. They should raise funds some other way. I'd rather give money straight out than to have my kid out on the streets selling candy bars and having something like that done to them."

"This is to the person who said Jeff and Brooke Gordon should be the king and queen of NASCAR. Huh - which one of them is the king?"

"Thank you Ron Bowers for the mini billboard placed at the corner of Allen Avenue and Gay Street. This will be a perfect reminder of our water and sewer bills as we go to vote."

"I wholeheartily agree with the editorial advisory group of the Herald-Mail. I don't want Marie Byers on my list, either. It was not intended to be a permanent lifetime job. I see if elected this would be her eighth consecutive term. How about some new ideas? Let's put in some qualified, intelligent and firsthand experienced people for progress sake, namely Nipps, Hardin, Bailey and Crabb."

"I saw a very beautiful dog in the square this morning. It was part German shepherd and it was very friendly. If I had a home instead of an apartment I would have took it. It started down South Potomac Street when I got on the bus. Whoever owns it I really hope they took it back."

"Good evening, Mail Call. In tonight's paper I read where a 12-year-old boy selling candy for his school was robbed. It's about time the school superintendent stops pushing candy bars and other items for school children to sell, including kindergarten children. I think it's a shame and it's about time that we do something about this. The school board should outlaw children pushing candy on the streets."

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