thumbs up, thumbs down

October 23, 1998

Thumbs up!To "Miss Pat" Carpenter, for her service as a crossing guard at Hagerstown's Bester Elementary School for 22 years. Her friends can now find her at the Valley Plaza Kmart.

Thumbs up!To volunteers from F&M Bank and Washington County Health Systems, Inc., for their help in getting a United Way community services guide ready to be accessed on the Internet and printing 1,500 copies of it.

Thumbs down!To the Washington County Commissioners, for their decision to declare $88,000 in lost housing funds a "grant," even though officials lost track of the money's whereabouts in 1992.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County Commissioners, for delaying a decision on changes in its tax rebate to Hagerstown citizens until the new board is seated, though they could have used the likely 11-cent cut in property taxes as an election plus.


Thumbs up!To Hagerstown's Christ Reformed Church, for their plan to convert an old shoe factory into a cold-weather shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless. Bless you.

Thumbs down!To the National Basketball Association and its players, for stupidly following in Major League Baseball's footsteps and canceling regular season games in a labor dispute. Those fans will learn to live without you.

Thumbs down!To Hancock officials who rewrote the town's noise ordinance and left a loophole allowing dogs to bark incessantly, as long as they do it during the daytime hours. Woof!

Thumbs up!To the many Washington County candidates for office who've voted in every election in which they were eligible to cast a ballot. It's a right, privilege and an obligation that many brave souls died to preserve. Thanks for exercising it.

Thumbs up!To the anonymous donor whose gift will allow Wilson College to double the size of a program that allows single women with children to live on campus with their children.

Question??To Hagerstown officials who've found that real-estate assessments have declined or gone up less than 5 percent during the 1990s. Now find out why: Is property being allowed to deteriorate by owners, or is it something else?

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