Ed Pike's exxon closes

October 22, 1998

Ed Pike's Exxon closesBy MARLO BARNHART / Staff Writer

photo: KEVIN G. GILBERT / staff photographer

After 41 years of operating a full-service Exxon service station on Hagerstown's Dual Highway, Ed Pike shut down his pumps and his garage for the last time at noon on Wednesday.

Earlier, Pike stopped what he was doing around 10:30 a.m. and responded to a telephone call for help from a regular customer who couldn't get her car started at her Funkstown home.

Exxon notified Pike last winter that his station and several other local Exxon stations were going to be sold.

Pike said he was upset about the action because he had always figured Exxon would give him the chance to buy the station after all the years he'd held the lease.


But Exxon sold all of the stations to AC&T.

It was a good business opportunity, said Mark Fulton, a spokesman for the oil company on Hopewell Road.

"We will continue to operate those stations, including the Dual Highway location, as Exxon stations offering Exxon products," Fulton said.

But the full service at the pump and the repair garage ended Wednesday.

Fulton said AC&T had nothing to do with Exxon ending its leasing agreement with Pike.

With four years still left on his current five-year lease with Exxon, Pike was paid by Exxon to retire the lease early. Then he entered into a new lease with Amoco for a Maugans Avenue station.

"It's a smaller station but most of my regular customers have followed me over," Pike said. "And I'll just have to build it up."

He had been working at both locations since May.

"I like that I will still be dealing with a local supplier," said Pike, who is leasing the Amoco station from Ewing Oil Co. based in Hagerstown.

He said he was sorry to lose his station on the Dual Highway, and that he will miss the people.

The biggest losers are the older people who have lived in the vicinity of the Dual Highway for many years and have come to depend on the full-service station, Pike said.

"I was the only full-service station left on the Dual," Pike said.

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