Mail Call

October 22, 1998

"I read with great interest about hunting and the sport of hunting and the safety of hunting. I think that someone should do an article about all the poachers in the East end of town. The DNR has been contacted and I don't think you are allowed to squirrel hunt on Sunday mornings unless I'm mistaken."

"So Mary Wilfong finally decided to register to vote the same day she decided to run. How convenient. I can't believe that she has guts enough to ask anybody to vote for her or to support her. Thank you Mail Call."

"Remember voters, people running for the Board of Education who want more money for the teachers probably means more taxes from us to pay these teachers. There's no other way around it as I see it and some of these candidates like Paul Bailey have two children who are teachers and certainly that will benefit his children if he gets on the Board of Education and they want more pay for the teachers."


"How is it possible that an agency overseen by the Washington County Commissioners simply 'lost' $88,000? Commissioners Snook, Bowers and Shank should be ashamed of themselves. Their faces should be beet red when they face the voters next month and if any of these men are re-elected it will be a sad day in the history of Washington County."

"Hello Mail Call. There's something that I just don't understand and it defies all logic. Why aren't the people responding to that unclaimed money that's owed them that's advertised in the paper? There's a total of 300,000 accounts worth $100 million and some of those people are local. I just don't understand it."

"Could anyone tell me where I can purchase that book about Boonsboro called 'Precious Memories' or something like that? I'd really appreciate it."

"Hi Mail Call. We would like to wish our grandson, Robert Gordon, a happy 18th birthday from his grandparents, Sonny and Betty Poffenberger."

"Hi Mail Call. I have a joke for all you Redskin fans. Here goes - knock, knock. Who's there? Owen. Owen who? Owen 7. Just think, you guys still have a perfect record. Hee, hee, hee."

"Help! Can someone tell me who you need to know to be able to use the left-hand turn lane on Franklin Street for a private parking area while you run in to pay a bill at City Hall? There's a parking deck right across the street on Potomac Street. Why can't these people use that instead of causing traffic problems for everyone else there?"

"I would like to know if anyone knows the name or phone number of the lady who sold the 1998 C&O Canal Limited Edition Collectors Baskets at the C&O Canal Days this year? If so please call in to Mail Call and leave her name or phone number."

"Yes. This is to just let the people know that they shouldn't fling their car doors open if they don't want to have them ripped off. You see accidents happening all the time when people just open up their car doors and someone comes along and just takes the door off and I don't think it's the other person's fault. I think you need to look before you throw open up your car door and get out."

"Thank you Mail Call. I was appalled to read in the newspaper about Mary Wilfong not voting at any time. I was going to vote for her but I'm appalled and I couldn't possibly vote for someone who has never participated in the election process and now wants me to vote for her. So thank you for informing us of that and this is one voter that won't be voting for Mary Wilfong. She can't vote so then I can't vote for her."

"I read with great amusement in some cases the listing of all candidates running for various positions in the paper the other day and I ran across this candidate Joseph Bartlett and his occupation is a political fundraiser. Well, I would think that the people that would see immediately and make sure that they would not vote for him because these are the types of people we want to get out of the political spots - not put them in. So it looks to me like he's looking for some of that political action money himself from these big cigarette industries like his father. So like father, like son. Get in there and get some of that PAC money. You've gotten it as a political fundraiser but you'll get much, much more if you get into politics son. So good luck. Keep this man out!"

"Hi Ed. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Guess who."

"Hello Mail Call. I would like to know why Western Heights kids have to wear pants to school from Oct. 15 to April 15 and no other school in Hagerstown has to?"

"Yes, if anyone found a set of keys in the Williamsport area with a Maryland tag and an Arizona tag that both say 'Linda' on them please write to P.O. Box 404, Hagerstown, Md. 21740. They were lost about two weeks ago in the Byron Park area during the Harvest Hoedown. Thanks a lot."

"Yes, if the person who left the very expensive coupon keeper in the Food Lion on Virginia Avenue would please leave their telephone number in Mail Call, I will see that you get it back."

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