Mail Call

October 21, 1998

"We're very tired if hearing about Sue Tuckwell. You are definitely showing a bias towards her. There are other excellent candidates in the race."

"Hey Redskins fans - where are ya?"

"This is to the Cleveland Browns fan who busted on Trav Ruppert for hanging up on Donald Schaefer. I can't imagine why Trav Ruppert wouldn't hang up on Donald Schaefer and I certainly hope that Cleveland's expansion team is just as good as the last one they sold to us."

"Good evening Mail Call. We're still asking the question why we celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday instead of Columbus Day. That's very easy -there's more blacks in America than Italians."

"Hello Mail Call. I'd like to wish Ella a very happy birthday."

"To the lady that bought the encyclopedias at the yard sale in Big Spring on Big Pool Road, you didn't take the other box of encyclopedias. Would you please come back and get them?"


"You've got to be kidding! Martin Luther King only caused more trouble and caused more people to be hurt."

"To the Mail Caller that wants to know what makes gays and lesbians so special that they need a hate crime bill for them. Maybe it's people like them that hate so much that we're never really safe from them."

"Yes. This is Monday, Oct. 19 and I'm sitting here reading Mail Call as I do every day and I get to an article that says, 'I'm calling in about the guy who called in about Jeff Gordon.' Well, first of all I was the person who called in about Jeff Gordon and I'm not a guy. I'm a woman, a very intelligent women who knows that Jeff Gordon is not a cheater, Rusty Wallace is not the best, Dale Earnhardt is good, he's won the championship seven times and you don't win that many times without being good. Dale Jarrett and Jeff Burton are nobodies. Thanks Mail Call."

"The Christian Right has Matthew Sheppard's blood on its hands."

"Yes, I'd like to thank the police officer that finally got those children out of the home in the city that was a non-desirable, filthy, drug-ridden place for these children. So now how about cleaning up the rest of those down there? These kids that hang out down there and they hook school and are down there all hours of the day and night making noise."

"I'm calling about the person that say Jeff Gordon is a cheater. He doesn't have to cheat. He knows how to win. Sorry, Rusty Wallace doesn't know how to win and Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver there ever was or ever will be. People saying that he has a Barbie doll on his side, maybe they're just a little jealous that they don't have a Barbie doll that looks like that. Jeff and Brook Gordon should be the king and queen of NASCAR!"

"Yes, from the children and the parents of crossing guard Sarah Mason on Frederick and Memorial. She's having a birthday and we'd all like to wish her a very happy birthday."

"Good morning. I have been following the political process here in Washington County for about the last 20 or 30 years and trying to figure it out. I think I got it nailed down to a nut shell now. All the politicians in Washington County drink the water. That's what this problem is and that's what our problem is, too."

"Hello Mail Call. I just wanted to let everybody know that I spoke to the WB network in Burbank, California and they informed me that it is in dispute with Antietam Cable and that they have been working very hard to get the WB network to Antietam Cable but once again Antietam Cable decides that they don't need what everybody else wants and they're going to charge you what they do and they're going to keep you from getting the channels that you want. I urge everyone reading this to call Antietam Cable and tell them that they need to get the WB back. We're paying for the service and it's about time that they give us what we deserve!"

"Hi, it would be nice if one of the candidates running for County Commissioner would have the courage to endorse a new stadium idea. They all know deep down that it would be good for business in Hagerstown. It certainly has been good for business in Salisbury, Bowie and Frederick. It would greatly help the economy of Hagerstown."

"Concerning Ron Bowers and not backing down from a fight. Ron Bowers is not going to have to back down from a fight because the voters are going to do that for him. Twenty years as a county commissioner is more than enough. This county needs to change. We need to move forward, we need to escape our debt-ridden past."

"Tim Rowland's review of the Redskins was pretty good actually. I usually disagree with everything he says because really, he's kind of flaky and not too serious but the Vikings are the best team and we see eye-to-eye on that and the Redskins' fans should feel pretty bad."

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