Is it Linda, or Monica, or is it Memorex?

October 15, 1998

Who said it?

1. "You know? What good is - what good is whatever it is, whatever it is - if he feels anything, what good is it, because he doesn't act on it? So it's nothing. But, you know, the flip side of it, too, though, is that it's like, well, when's the last time I went there because he wanted to see me on his own? You know?"

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Boris Yeltsin
  • C. Cleopatra

2. "It is. I like - you know, I like guys who have - he had a big scar on his forehead. And I like that. I do. I just - I like somebody who looks a little different - you know what I mean?"

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Mrs. Al Capone
  • C. Julia Roberts

3. "But the beauty of it is it has stayed internal, and it will never taint you down the road. And that is important, I mean, you will not suffer beyond the normal regret that you have to leave by that reputation. That won't go anywhere else."

  • A Linda Tripp
  • B. Joe Isuzu
  • C. Kato Kaelin

4. "You know, I felt a little bit like ... what my mom is saying, there's a lot of truth to it. You know? And she said, "Look, life is not fair." ... Because she was saying, you know, "This is not a good situation. You were miserable when you worked there." And I said, "I understand that, you know." I said, "But I'm not ready to give it up because I know it's a bad situation." Do you know what I mean?"

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Oedipus
  • C. Lou Holtz

5. "Hey, listen. My cousin is a genetic whatchamacalit."

  • A. Linda Tripp
  • B. Charles Darwin
  • C. Dolly the Sheep

6. "I don't care about pretty; I care about thin. That's all I care about."

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Prince Charles
  • C. Bobby Sands

7. "Oh, oy, no, please. I don't want to go to the U.N."

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Jesse Helms
  • C. Yasser Arafat

8. "You can't scratch it off. You would have to use a Q-Tip. And I feel like this is what I would tell my own daughter."

  • A. Linda Tripp
  • B. Anita Bryant
  • C. Martha Stewart

9. "You know, nobody I know - the only person that I am not friends with anymore who knows about this is Andy, and I guarantee you his (REDACTED) won't ever say anything, because I will ruin his life, and he knows it."

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Barney Fife
  • C. Raggedy Ann

10. "I just hope it goes away, because I don't want to get any more involved."

  • A. Linda Tripp
  • B. Marie Antoinette
  • C. George Patton

11. "So I said - "Look, I don't know what to do. My mom came up with a very good idea, and that" - oh, first of all, by the way - oh, I said - dropped the other bombshell. I decided to not go on this China trip. ...Because I realized - my mom came up last night, and we had a big thing, and she was absolutely right. She was like, "This is ridiculous. You're going to go away for two weeks, and this is" - you know what I mean?"

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Richard Nixon
  • C. Marco Polo

12. "(Crying) It's just too - it's too much for one person. (Crying). I go to work every day (crying) and I just (crying), I'm trying to keep it together and I just can't."

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Robespierre
  • C. Leif Ericson

13. "I know you can't see it now but I promise you a year from now when you look back on this, you will have a much, much healthier perspective and you will be so glad you got the (REDACTED) outta here."

  • A. Linda Tripp
  • B. Yoko Ono
  • C. Mr. Spock

14. "I'm like, all right, "I love you, butthead." I called him butthead."

  • A. Monica Lewinsky
  • B. Sophia Loren
  • C. Beavis

15. "I have true faith that you're going to go up to New York, you're going to get a wonderful job, this is all going to go away. Trust me."

  • A. Linda Tripp
  • B. Mrs. Jimmy Hoffa
  • C. Satan

Tim Rowland is a Herald-Mail columnist.

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