MailCall for 10/16

October 15, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Hi, Mail Call. I just wanted to let the people know that let the two husky type dogs run free in Boonsboro, the heartache that they've caused. I want to let you know that your dogs dug underneath my chicken coop despite the eight inches of wire that I had buried there, and they tore apart every single one of my laying hens - all 22 of them. And my beautiful rooster died defending the flock. I'm just very thankful that this was not someone's small child. I certainly hope that you will keep these dogs tied up. They are very dangerous. The neighbor's racehorse was also chased by your dogs and my other neighbor's dog was attacked by your dogs. They are a menace and I don't think you're taking your responsibility very seriously and you've caused us a great deal of heartache and I just wanted to let you know."


"Mail Caller, make an attempt sometime to tell the County Commissioners or the county treasurer that the property tax payment that you made has been lost. Or better yet, try to convince the comptroller of the treasury in the state of Maryland that the payment you made to them has been lost and to top it all off, try to convince the IRS that your estimated tax payments were lost. How in the world can the Washington County Commissioners justify losing $88,000 taxpaying dollars? These men need to be replaced."

"I'm calling about the caller that said about the drug dealers on Madison Avenue and Elizabeth Street. You are exactly right. You can come on up the street just a few more blocks and see where there's drug dealers at the corner of Avon and Washington streets. They are everywhere. City officials and the police officers, don't be fooled by the statistics showing how crime has gone down as far as drug dealing and vandalism. All they did was just to move out into the surrounding areas. That's one thing this city needs - a get-tough, zero tolerance toward drug dealing and vandalism, and juvenile delinquents. That's right up there with the number one problem that we need to take care of right along with education. That should be the first two things that the new elected officials ought to get tough on."

"Yes, I'm calling in reference to the beating death of the gay university student in Wyoming. I think the two that did it should face the death penalty."

"I was attending a Maryland Hunter Safety Course the other day when the instructor asked the class, 'what would you do after you shoot a deer?' There was a pause and then a young man jumped up and said, 'Turn off the spotlight!'"

"Well, it looks as if NASCAR season is just about over and just like I thought, Jeff Gordon has proved that he is the best driver in Winston Cup racing. Mark Martin is nothing, Dale Jarrett is nothing, Dale Earnhardt is nothing, Jeff Burton is nothing and no other driver is Jeff Gordon and you bawl babies out there, you might as well accept it because it's a fact. Three cups in the last four years. Feel it, too bad. NASCAR fans in this area, you're a bunch of pathetic cry babies. Jeff Gordon - the man! Believe it - too bad!"

"I'm a senior citizen and I'd like to know where I can get a flu shot. Would you please print the dates and places where I can get one? I missed the list if you've already printed it so if you can't reprint the list could someone out there tell me where I can go to get this flu shot? Thank you so very much."

"Happy anniversary to Joann and Lee. Joann is truly Lee's angel. We're so glad you're doing well, Lee. Your friends."

"Sue Tuckwell, please let us know more about your background. Things like where you were born, your parents' names, etc. A lot of people are asking these questions so please answer them. I think it will help you, I'm sure, if we know the answers to all this."

"Hello to all sinus-infected readers. I went to three doctors and twice to one of these doctors and they all prescribed antibiotics and nose sprays. But to no help. Then I called the drug store pharmacist and he told me to get Benadryl Sinus Tablets. At last, relief after eight months of misery."

"Yes, if there is anyone out there that would like to have an old dryer and an old freezer for scrap, please call into Mail Call and leave your phone number and I will call you. You can have it for nothing. I just want to get rid of it."

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