MailCall for 10/12

October 12, 1998

"I'd like to know what they did with the WB? You could replace the Home & Garden network if that's what it takes for me to get to watch my 'Buffie The Vampire Slayer.' Thank you Mail Call."

"Hi Mail Call. I've just been reading the paper and I'm very disappointed in the coverage of the Showcase of Bands. I was at it last night and it was very good. There's plenty of color pictures in the paper everyday so why couldn't these bunch of pictures have been in color also? I think you could do a better job. I hate to complain but I do think it's a good group of kids working hard."

"Hi Mail Call. This is for the Mail Call column. In the beginning of your column it states that the articles should be brief. Well, it's beginning to look like front page stories instead of brief responses. The calls are getting longer and longer and I think that you should definitely put a limit on these calls and the responses. Stick to your limits. Make sure the calls are short and brief. As long as you continue to put in 7-inch articles they will continue to come in and they will get longer and longer. So Mail Call, stick to your introduction. Make the responses brief."


"Hi Mail Call. I'd like to put something in Mail Call to a very special person and her name is Mary Jordan. She just received her GED and she's been working at it very hard. She received it today which is Wednesday. This is to Mary from all her sons and their wives and girlfriends, her friends, her co-workers, her best friend and especially her husband Pat who supported her through all of this. We're very proud of you girl. Love you. Good going!"

"Hello there. Recently I underwent a stress test for my heart at a local cardiologist and a few days later I received a call from my doctor to come in and discuss it. So I went in and after a 45-minute wait in the doctor's office I saw the doctor. He informed me at that time that everything was OK on my stress test which took about two minutes. I then learned that my insurance company was billed for an office visit to the doctor for $55. Now why could not the doctor have told me over the telephone that my stress test was OK? I believe that the insurance company was robbed and so is the public when practices like these are allowed to continue."

"Several weeks ago a lady published a telephone number to call for diabetic supplies and I was wondering if someone could please publish that number again? Thank you."

"Yeah, this is to all the people out there taking up for Mr. Clinton. He's going to veto the Farm Aid bill for the simple reasons that the Republicans won't pass an item on the bill to let 80,000 Haitians in here. Well, it's a fact the Haitians have more AIDS than any other people in the world so I think that they ought to let 150,000 more of them over here and maybe they would get rid of some of these people that really like this man down there. That man is one sorry human being."

"Good morning Mail Call. I'm calling about the current trend of putting woofer speakers in the back of the trunks of cars. It seems like more and more people are doing this and the thing is to me that it should be against the law because when they come down the street it sounds like a big band or something and playing that rap music it vibrates your windows, the whole front of your house and the pictures on your walls and I think that the police should be more aware of this because it's driving the residents on these streets crazy."

"Hello Mail Call. I'd like to make a couple of statements if I may concerning the upcoming election of the County Commissioners. I hope the people don't make the same mistake that they made when they put Ron Bowers in there along with Greg Snook and John Shank. I'm a very devoted Democrat and I voted for several Republicans especially in the county. I'll vote for Don Munson and I'll vote for him again. Shank, I'll never vote for. Snook, I'll never vote for. And one more thing, Clinton is on the firing line today, that's for sure but he's been a better president than any Republican that's ever been in there."

"Yes, I was just wondering why The Herald-Mail takes two days to get the junior football league results in the paper? Here it is Thursday night and it's just getting in from Monday's and Tuesday's games. I was just wondering why they aren't covered more closely?"

"Thank you Mail Call. Hagerstown and Washington County are great places to live and visit especially for thieves, drug dealers and murderers. Drug dealing, if you know the right people, gets probation. Steal and you get five years. Murder for drugs and you get a measly 12 years, which most of these criminals can do standing on their heads. Remember, you voted for these judges, I didn't."

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