Sepember Marriages

October 12, 1998

The following couples were married and their marriage licenses were filed with the Clerk of Court, Dennis Weaver:

Gerald L. Myers, 53, and Nuelma Cichoski, 42, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Ronald A. Langlotz III, 31, and Shannon L. Murray, 28, both of Cockeysville, Md.

Andrew G. Rivera, 23, and Heather M. Clay, 22, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Michael T. Miguel, 34, and Tina L. Colizza, 35, both of Elkridge, Md.

Hubert S. Wood Jr., 75, and Constance E. Stapleton, 67, both of Middletown, Md.

William M. Smith, 49, and Clara J. Clever, 49, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Ernest S. Himes, 29, and Victoria M. Reynolds, 24, both of Frederick, Md.

George R. Hykes Jr., 34, and Teresa A. Rhoe, 31, both of State Line, Pa.

Francisco V. Bailon, 26, of Gettysburg, Pa., and Lisa K. Stine, 29, of Chambersburg, Pa.


Richard L. Shilling Sr., 48, and Florence D. Kline, 48, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Todd K. Mace, 29, and Sherry K. Socks, 27, both of Richmond, Va.

William A. Bunter, 38, and Toya D. Hill, 44, both of Silver Spring, Md.

Stephen L. Kinn, 35, and Kimberly K. Button, 32, both of Manassas, Va.

Mark J. Strong, 32, and Kristin D. Powell, 32, both of Cockeysville, Md.

Mark R. Shrout, 36, and Deborah D. Park, 32, both of Hagerstown.

Dennis J. McNew, 29, and Lou A. Armstrong, 26, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Michael E. Shipman, 39, and Luticia A. Arnold, 24, both of Landover, Md.

David E. Rider, 23, and Emily M. Donaldson, 21, both of Williamsport.

Brion I. Bowers, 37, and Linda S. Monath, 33, both of Hagerstown.

James E. Morgan, 25, and Christina M. Dawson, 28, both of Sharpsburg.

William T. Sommerville, 36, and Mary J. Day, 36, both of Hagerstown.

Roy D. Imler, 25, and Wendy M. Younker, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Shane A. Linton, 22, and Jill B. Carey, 25, both of Charles Town, W.Va.

David L. Willard, 37, and Belinda D. McCrea, 40, both of State Line, Pa.

Jeffrey W. Canby, 25, of Hagerstown, and April M. Hickerson, 24, of Ellicott City, Md.

Matthew D. Poyner, 23, of Virginia Beach, Va., and Elizabeth E. Dromeshauser, 22, of Shippensburg, Pa.

Morris P. Stewart, 22, of Fort Ritchie, and April L. Wright, 25, of Hagerstown.

Richard C. Lednum, 32, and Crystal M. Kaplan, 26, both of Towson, Md.

Jammie L. Shanholtz, 26, and Wendy M. Dattilio, 27, both of Hagerstown.

Robert K. Hobbs III, 30, and Denise G. Willis, 26, both of Beltsville, Md.

Matthew W. Jones, 23, of St.Thomas, Pa., and Teddi J. Shives, 22, of Marion, Pa.

Jason J. Hess, 22, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Melody D. Lightcap, 21, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Joseph P. Dunsworth, 21, and Kathy S. Hull, 21, both of Hagerstown.

Donald A. Shampo, 75, and Madeline J. Palmer, 73, both of Waterfall, Pa.

Johnn Battle, 48, and Teresa M. Baldwin, 36, both of Hagerstown.

John F. Benton, 21, and Jacqueline A. Randall, 21, both of Hagerstown.

John W. Etter, 22, and Gina M. Lewis, 21, both of Smithsburg.

William E. Sterner, 44, and Amy E. Everd, 27, both of Hancock.

Joseph W. Plaza, 28, and Chasity L. Canfield, 22, both of Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Garry L. Dawson, 55, and Judy A. Burger, 49, both of Hagerstown.

David N. Kinnamont, 36, and Melinda J. Deneen, 30, both of Hancock.

James A. Mayer, 36, and Teri A. Weherly, 30, both of Burke, Va.

Henry C. Walters Jr., 37, and Margaret A. Eller, 45, both of Hagerstown.

Douglas L. Murray, 45, and Sharon A. Harris, 46, both of Germantown, Md.

Randy L. Kershner, 31, and Michelle A. Hamu, 28, both of Hagerstown.

David M. Brown Jr., 19, of Chesapeake, Va., and Omega L. Socks, 16, of Hagerstown.

Quoc Lap Truong, 26, and Scarlett J.E. Simmons, 23, both of Savannah, Ga.

Christopher L. Lyons, 22, and Sandra L. Clipp, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Ralph D. Green, 46, and Crystal L. Gossard, 26, both of Hagerstown.

Florin I. Danu, 23, of Reading, Pa., and Jill A. Wintermoyer, 18, of Williamsport.

Andrew D. McKenzie, 24, of Warfordsburg, Pa., and Alicia M. Wilt, 21, of St. Thomas, Pa.

Steve A. Yost Jr., 22, and Pamela S. Lefever, 21, both of Maugansville.

Dwayne A. Mills, 34, of Hagerstown, and Sara J. Boyce, 24, of Greencastle, Pa.

Kevin J. Michaud, 28, and Chante M. Marshall, 20, both of Dahlonega, Ga.

Kane E. Sylvester, 21, and Melanie L. Knight, 19, both of Clear Spring.

Douglas L. Sales Jr., 21, and Stephanie A. Hays, 20, both of Funkstown.

Neal G. Fann, 23, and Tara C. Scott, 27, both of Mont Alto, Pa.

Ronald W. Chelmey, 35, and Cela M. Baker, 45, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Duane P. Seal, 25, and Michelle L. Wiley, 26, both of Williamsport.

Jamie D. Reiff, 24, of Boonsboro, and Tiffany A. Karn, 22, of Sharpsburg.

Douglas S. Finniff, 28, and Tisha L. Myers, 26, both of Arlington, Va.

Curtis L. Barthlow, 23, and Josie M. Cook, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Dameron A. Saunders, 20, and Anna L. Hayes, 32, both of Hagerstown.

Kirk V. Reed, 33, and Lorraine M. Alleman, 37, both of Shippensburg, Pa.

Allen D. Monroe, 34, and Tammy L. Linton, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Barry S. Anderson, 27, and Denise L. Canfield, 30, both of Inwood, W.Va.

Edward E. Talbert, 51, and Mary L. Doll, 46, both of Hagerstown.

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