Tri-state campaign notes

October 12, 1998

The West Virginia Hospital Association's political action committee has endorsed the following candidates:

* State Senate, Harry Dugan, R-Berkeley (16th District)

* House of Delegates: Charles Trump IV, R-Morgan (51st District); Vicki Douglas, D-Berkeley (52nd District); Larry Faircloth, R-Berkeley (53rd District); John Doyle, D-Jefferson (55th District); and Dale Manuel, D-Jefferson (56th district).

Citizens' poll

Del. John Overington, R-Berkeley, recently released the results of his latest citizens' poll.

Responding to the poll were more than 150 people in the 54th District of West Virginia in northern and eastern Berkeley County, W.Va.

The first poll topic was lawsuit reform. The second topic focused on the recommendations from the Governor's Commission on Tax Fairness.


Here are some of the results of the poll on lawsuit reform:

* 97 percent of respondents are in favor of prohibiting lawsuits by those injured while committing a crime.

* 96 percent are in favor of having a seven-day grace period before lawyers can solicit accident victims or family member survivors.

* 94 percent believe there are too many frivolous lawsuits.

* 96 percent say the current legal system contributes to higher insurance costs, while 90 percent say the system contributes to higher taxes and 94 percent say it contributes to higher health-care costs.

* 94 percent favor penalties for lawyers who pursue frivolous lawsuits.

Here are some of the results of the poll on tax fairness:

* 77 percent favor replacing the personal property tax.

* 52 percent favor giving local governments more flexibility to tax and fund local services without depending on the Legislature.

* 78 percent say the state's tax system is too complicated.

* 63 percent say the tax system is unfair to those with low incomes.

* 51 percent say the state income tax is too high, 47 say it is about right and 2 percent say it's too low.

* 71 percent say the sales tax is too high, while 29 percent say it is about right.

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