Thumbs up, thumbs down

October 09, 1998

Thumbs upTo Maryland State Trooper Wayne Smith, for rescuing a 94-year-old woman who had broken her hip in a fall from a ladder. The 16-year veteran was off-duty at the time.

Thumbs upTo Hubert "Hugh" Brandenburg, who's volunteered for more than 26,000 hours at the Western Maryland Hospital Center, a feat that won him honors as "Washington County's Most Wonderful Citizen" for 1998.

Thumbs downTo the U.S. Army, which closed Fort Ritchie to the public last week, ending local residents' practice of walking and fishing there. As they said, their tax dollars paid for the place.

question??Verdicts rendered in local courts this past Tuesday: five years for felony theft (shoplifting) and a suspended sentence for distribution of marijuana and possession of cocaine. Something's way out of balance here.


Thumbs downTo officials of the Medicare program, who allowed more than 90 percent of funds earmarked for day-care treatment of the mentally ill to be spent for other purposes not allowed by law.

Thumbs downTo Jim Dornan, an official of the Maryland gubernatorial campaign for Ellen Sauerbrey, for defending an ad quoting House Speaker Cas Taylor as saying something he didn't say. The quote was made up; apologize and move on.

Thumbs upTo Washington County officials and parent boosters who lobbied successfully for the cash to renovate aging South Hagerstown High. Sometimes working together does work.

Thumbs upTo Brad Elwood of Clear Spring, who donated a baseball autographed by Yankees' star Chili Davis to benefit the local Red Cross blood drive. Elwood, an up-and-comer in the Yankee system, merits a shot at the big time.

Thumbs upTo the 275 walkers and local corporations which raised $33,153 in the American Heart Association's annual Heart Walk in Hagerstown. With your help, AHA makes strides.

Thumbs upTo Loretta Tharp and Lorrie Smedley, whose "Twins' Timeless Treasures" shop in Mont Alto, Pa. serves as a collection point for more than 1,000 boxes that will be sent overseas to needy children at Christmas.

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