Mail Call

October 07, 1998

"I've heard that there's some charitable organizations that collect pop top caps off of soda cans and I have a bunch of them that I'd like to get rid of. If someone prints a phone number in Mail Call I'll be glad to get back in touch with you about them . Thank you and have a good day."

"Concerning Trav Ruppert and Don Schaefer, anybody that listened could tell that Schaefer was quite arrogant. His arrogance came shining through particularly on his third call. This man is not qualified to be comptroller. Go get 'em Larry Epstein."

"Instead of criticizing politicians like John Corderman who will give you a straight answer every time, you ought to worry about fast-talking politicians that talk out of both sides of their mouths like Chris Shank."

"Hello Mail Call. My wife and I are very upset over our last visit to our son's grave at Cedar Lawn. Someone for the second time has stolen a light from his grave. We hope whoever took it will read this. You will face God's judgment for doing this. You have to be pretty low to steal from someone's grave."


"Yes, our family wants the WB channel back, too. Get it back now!"

"Hello Mail Call. She wants to give money to build a stadium - this Sue Tuckwell. Let her backers give the money. Let the lawyers, the bankers and the rich give it. We the county taxpayers don't want a ball stadium. Sue Tuckwell - forget it."

"I, too have been disappointed at Channel 68 no longer carrying the program 'Seventh Heaven.' It was one of the best and a good family show. How do we get it back? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you."

"Hotspots, hotspots, hotspots. What a joke. This program doesn't do the job. It's getting police officers on the streets and locking people up. That's what gets rid of the drug problems. Not hotspots, not hotspots fault process. Thank you."

"Yeah, I'm calling about the WB channel. Why can't they give us back this channel and take off some of those channels that aren't worth watching?"

"Hi, this is to the sports editor of The Herald-Mail pertaining to the soccer standings in the newspaper. We were wondering how two teams can be 5-2, have identical records, played head-to-head and still the one team is ahead of the other team in the soccer standings? We realize soccer is not your passion but it's not that hard to figure out."

"Yes, several years ago Hillary Clinton said that Richard Nixon should be impeached for lying to the public and he was no more trustworthy and couldn't serve. I agree with her. And I think she should remember what she said back then and get rid of that no-good that we have in Washington now. Thank you Mail Call."

"Hello Mail Call. I was just calling to say that I wonder why they don't clean up the trash on Prospect Street and on the corners of downtown Hagerstown. I think it's pretty terrible that you can't ride around town with your family and you see that trash on the corners. I think they should do something and put those prostitutes in jail and just keep them there. They are a waste of space and I think that's where they should be."

"Ron Bowers and Linda Irvin-Craig are not the answer. They are and have been the causes of our problems."

"Yes, we'd like to thank Charles Gower of Martinsburg, W.Va., for the letter to the editor that he wrote in Friday, Sept. 25 Daily Mail. We agree with what you said and know many others do to. A few weeks ago I called Mail Call concerning the Ten Commandments request for in front of our courthouse but to my knowledge it was not printed. Thank you for printing this call."

"Another way to read the violent crime statistics in Hagerstown is that the violent crime in the hotspots did not decrease any more than overall crime rates throughout the city."

"I just wanted to say thank you Mail Call for letting me put this in here. I want to thank the lady who kept my place for me at the Elks Club and I also want to say thanks to the health nurse who came to my vehicle and gave me the shot because I have arthritis so bad. God bless the both of you and thank you again. Mary."

"Hello. I have a story about greedy doctors. This year I was in the hospital for a knee operation and when I saw the bill to my insurance company I had a bill for hospital visits from my family doctor when I hadn't seen him for my five-day stay. When I questioned him about it, he said that he had come by and read my chart at the nurse's station. I think this is wrong."

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