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Mail Call

October 06, 1998

"Thanks Mail Call for giving the people the chance to pick our own candidates. This family of five is all voting for Robert Kline for president of the School Board. We wish everyone could have heard his answers to the forum held at the PTA dinner last night. His concern for the students is genuine."

"President Clinton is the ultimate example on how to evade personal responsibility. This is a major issue and the root of most problems in this country."

"In 1969 my sister attended HJC. At that time there was an arboretum developed. There were a number of trees planted as memorials. My sister planted a weeping cherry tree in front of the Student Center. It developed into a beautiful tree that would break forth into pink blossoms in the early spring. In 1977 the trees that were planted were dedicated at a special memorial planting and my sister who was at the time teaching school in Corpus Christi, Texas, wrote to Dean Kepler asking that the tree she planted be dedicated to her nephew, my 13-year-old son who suddenly died from a bacterial infection in 1975. Kepler happily agreed to do so. Through the years I have watched this tree grow big and strong and when it blossomed it was a reminder of my son who was so happy and full of life. Recently, I myself attended HJC from 1996 to the spring of 1998 and I had a small plaque made up with my sister's name, my son's name and the year the tree was dedicated. I drove out to the college last week and was shocked to see that the tree was no longer there where it has stood for almost 30 years. When I arrived back home I called the lady in charge of the arboretum and asked her what happened to the tree. She said it was removed to lay large pipes in that area. I asked her what happened to the plaque that I had made up and she said that they didn't give her anything. I feel that someone should have called me and at least given me back the plaque. I know progress must go on but let's make it a little sensitive while moving on. "


"This is in reference to the caller's complaint concerning smoking at the hospital. If you're dumb enough to smoke, someone should probably tell you where to stand. Additionally, for you to rationalize the need for a ventilated smoking facility in the hospital because of a new modern facility where women can give life in a safe environment is ludicrous. You would probably sue the tobacco companies and the hospital if you were unfortunate enough to be stricken with lung cancer."

"I saw the Mail Call about the deer problem at Antietam Battlefield. Two weeks ago there were three different dead deer along that road in that one week plus one afternoon four or five deer tried to run out in front of my car but luckily I was aware of this problem and didn't get hurt. And all the dead deer didn't get along the road by themselves. Obviously they injured a person in a car and did property damage and all the farmers I know, they're sick and tired of all the deer. My neighbor who is well into her 80s said she grew up in the area and never saw deer as a kid but now you can go outside into any back yard around Sharpsburg and see deer morning, noon or night. And don't bother calling Roscoe Bartlett to complain because we asked him for help and he said that he'd get back in touch with us and we've never heard from him again. Something needs to be done about all the deer and our county officials should wake up and realize it and petition the government for hunting."

"Leave the judgment to God. Remember King David in the Bible, "Let him without sin cast the first stone." All right, why do we have prisons? Surely by this criteria no one is guilty."

"Yes, I'm a Democrat and I just wanted to tell all the Democratic politicians that I'm going to remember you in the next election and if you're one of them that supported President Clinton, then you have no morals and I'll vote against you."

"Just remember to the person that wrote in on Oct. 2 about the dogs barking, what goes around comes around and big brother is watching."

"I wish that you would let people know that are looking for medical health care that they can go to the community health clinic on Franklin Street."

"Yes, I would like to know if anyone out there has had an experience in their neighborhood with drugs and I'd like to know if the landlords are responsible? If so what can be done? I've had two experiences. First, I had a crack house beside me and then a recovering crack addict next door and his crack friends kept breaking into his house. Can the landlords be held responsible for not checking their criminal backgrounds and allowing this sort of thing to be going on in and on their properties? I would really like to know the answer to this question and I'm sure a lot of other people would like to know, too."

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