Just how do they make candy corn?

October 06, 1998


Candy CornBefore candy corn assumes its trademark orange, yellow and white configuration, corn syrup, honey and sugar must first be mixed with a giant beater and then heated in bathtub-sized kettels until it forms a creamy syrup, called "slurry."

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The mixture is then transferred into silver vats where the colors are slowly added to the gooey mixture.

Two identical containers are used for the yellow and orange colors, but a special vat is needed to create the white mixture.

The candy corn's orange and yellow sections are made from the exact same mixture - just the colors are different.

The white tip is given special treatment to make it firmer by adding unique ingredients.

The next step is piping the neon-colored mixtures into the mogul, a large machine that deposits the separate colors into triangular-shaped molds made of cornstarch.


The yellow band is laid down first, followed by the orange, and finally the white tip. This process used to be done by hand, with each kernel dropped into the molds one at a time. After molding, the candy moves to a separate room for drying.

Once cured - in 24 to 36 hours - the kernels are removed from the molds and dropped into chutes that send them to a sifter.

They're shaken vigorously to remove any excess cornstarch, producing quite a bit of noise in the process - the millions of kernels bouncing on the sifter create a roar that is close to the sound of an airplane at takeoff.

Nearly complete, the candy is dropped onto a board where it receives a final glaze, giving it its trademark shine.

The millions of kernels are then packaged into tubs, boxes, bags and hanging packs and sent to thousands of stores across the country.

Did you know?

  • One kernel of candy corn has 4.4 calories and no fat.
  • How many kernels of candy corn are there in a one-pound bag? About 294
  • What's the most popular way to eat candy corn? Color by color
  • The amount of candy corn produced in the U.S. each year, expressed as ears of corn: 2,250,000 ears.

Source: Favorite Brands International

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