Thumbs up, thumbs down

October 02, 1998

Thumbs upTo the many volunteers who participated in Maryland Net Weekend, helping wire four Washington County schools for Internet access. Thanks for the lift onto the information highway.

Thumbs upTo Fleetwood Travel Trailer employees in Hancock and Williamsport, for achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction of any of the firm's 60 U.S. factories, earning them a visit from star NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett.

Thumbs downTo the U.S. Defense Department, for having accounting procedures so lax that investigators say it almost invites theft and abuse. Maybe if we gave them less, they'd be more careful.

Thumbs downTo radio talk show callers like the one who ripped into former Maryland Gov. William D. Schaefer this week on Hagerstown's WJEJ-AM, apparently without knowing whether what they say is true. Do some research.


Thumbs upTo the late Merle and Margaret Funk, of Boonsboro, who left $110,000 to the local Lions Club to maintain a Shafer Park building that it is home to the Boy Scouts of Troop 20.

Thumbs upTo James McCarty, Clear Spring resident and World War II veteran, whose willingness to help a variety of worthy causes has won him honors as Washington County's Veteran of the Year. Thanks for your service, 50 years ago and now.

Thumbs upTo Theodore J. Fortsmann and John T. Walton, for donating $100 million that will give 35,000 poor children who live in cities like Baltimore a chance to attend parochial school.

Thumbs upTo 12-year-old Matt Tyler of Hagerstown, who won a chance to interview future Hall of Fame baseball player Cal Ripken Jr., by writing a prize-winning essay for Kids' Vue, a magazine for youngsters based in Frederick, Md.

Thumbs upTo West Virginia Gov. Cecil Underwood, for launching a pay-ahead tuition plan for parents, so that when it comes time for their children to enter college, the cash will be there.

Thumbs upTo Greg Larsen, marketing director for Washington County's Conococheague pre-treatment plant, whose efforts have increased monthly revenues from $4,000 in 1997 to $25,000 today. Let's give this guy a medal!

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