Franklin, Fulton counties have same jobless rate

September 28, 1998|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The jobless rate in Franklin and Fulton counties was 3.2 percent in August, according to preliminary figures released Monday by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

The rate declined from 3.7 percent in July for Franklin County, Pa., and from 3.9 percent in Fulton County, Pa., according to figures.

The number of people listed as unemployed fell by 300 to 2,200 in Franklin County, while the number of people with jobs was down by 100 to 64,500, the report said. The labor force was down from 67,000 to 66,400.

Labor Market Analyst Larry Baugher said the survey was conducted from Aug. 9 to 15. As a result, the report does not reflect a layoff of 225 employees at Grove Worldwide that was announced on Aug. 24.


As to the reduction in the labor force and the number of people with jobs, Baugher said, "That generally occurs at about this time because the students that were seeking work are getting ready to go back to school."

Baugher said the jobless rate in Franklin County matched the April rate of 3.2 percent. In August 1997, the rate was 4.5 percent.

Baugher said he could not find a lower jobless rate for the county going back through month-to-month figures dating back to 1994.

The rate so far this year averaged 3.8 percent. Baugher said the lowest jobless rate for an entire year in Franklin County was 3.9 percent in 1989.

In Fulton County, the number of people unemployed fell from 300 to 22 with the number employed remaining steady at 6,600. The labor force dropped by 100 to 6,800.

One year ago, the unemployment rate in Fulton County skyrocketed to 17.8 percent, reflecting the temporary layoff of more than 800 workers at JLG Industries, the county's largest employer.

Fulton County had its lowest jobless rate ever in June at 3 percent, according to department statistics.

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