Yellow Brick Bank saved from auction block

September 22, 1998|By DAVE McMILLION, Charles Town

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - The owner of the Yellow Brick Bank restaurant said he has paid a contractor who renovated the building, saving the restaurant from going on the auction block Friday.

Contractor Michael F. Taylor confirmed the money has been paid, averting the public sale.

Kevin Connell, owner of the restaurant at the corner of Princess and German Streets in Shepherdstown, said he did not pay $24,682 to Taylor because the project was running six months behind schedule. Connell said the renovation of the restaurant was supposed to be done in July 1997.

Connell said although the work is still not finished, he sent Taylor a check for the money.

"Everybody's happy. It's just a simple contractor dispute," said Connell, who has owned the Yellow Brick Bank since 1976.

Taylor said Connell told him the reason the bill wasn't paid was because Connell did not have the money. But Taylor said he did not want to belabor the issue.


Taylor said he is glad the situation is resolved and he hoped Connell luck in the restaurant.

The auction was scheduled after Taylor filed a civil suit claiming Connell failed to pay him for the renovation, according to officials and Jefferson County Circuit Court records. The suit asked that the restaurant be sold to satisfy a lien that Taylor placed against the property, according to court records.

Connell, who also helps operate a restaurant in New Hampshire, said he received many calls recently from friends offering to help him, even financially.

Connell joked that many people have been coming to the restaurant to eat their "farewell dinner."

In 1994, Connell announced plans to expand the restaurant, saying he needed more kitchen space. Part of the kitchen was upstairs, so chefs had to use an elevator to take meals downstairs to customers.

The restaurant has been a popular attraction, even drawing movie stars at times.

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