Warriors find right direction

September 19, 1998|By DAN SPEARS

BOONSBORO - Boonsboro High fullback Chris Dankmeyer says he likes to run north to south on the football field.

On Homecoming Night, he ran directly over South, piling up 103 yards and three touchdowns in a 48-6 dispatching of the South Hagerstown Rebels.

"I just run as hard as I can north to south," the Warriors junior said. "If I see something outside, I'll go there, but the offensive line was so good tonight, I didn't have to."

His teammates did, and the east-west method worked just as well for the Warriors (2-1, 1-1 Monocacy Valley Athletic League).

Jason Reeder scored twice on reverses, and Luke Barnette piled up 119 yards on just nine carries, most of them sweeps and pitches to the outside.


"We were having success with the sweep game," Boonsboro coach Clayton Anders said. "When they start focusing on the sweep, that's when you start trying to go the other way."

South, on the other hand, was having trouble going in any direction. The Rebels (1-2, 1-1) fought their way to a scoreless first quarter despite never getting past their own 25, and looked to survive another scare in the second after a 10-yard punt.

With a 7-0 lead, Boonsboro started at the South 36, but penalties and a fumbled snap had the Warriors staring at third-and-21 at the South 47 when Tyler Moser found a streaking Brooks Everline for a 43-yard bomb to the 4-yard line. Kevin Hurlbrink scored on the next play for a 14-0 lead.

"You're looking at a lot of young kids," South coach Greg Kellick said. "They get fired up when they do something right. When something goes the other way, they have a letdown."

Boonsboro's defense, meanwhile, found that all roads led directly to Rebel quarterback Dustin Short and tailback Jason Priecko.

Priecko went nowhere (20 carries, 32 yards) and Short was nearly driven off the field by constant pressure from Boonsboro's Brian Abe and Scott Kaetzel. Short ended up throwing the ball the wrong way on South's next two possessions, and Corey Dixon's and Nick Sholty's interceptions set up two Boonsboro touchdowns on three plays to make it 28-0.

"When you're standing back there and you've got someone breathing down your throat and wants to take your head off ... you want to get rid of the thing as quick as possible," Kellick said.

The Warriors finished off their 34-point second quarter with another touchdown on two plays in the final minute of the half, and Dankmeyer completed the joyride with touchdowns on Boonsboro's first two second-half possessions.

The Warriors were more than happy to find their way again after running into a terrible roadblock against Brunswick last week.

"We knew we were a better team than that," Dankmeyer said. "We just wanted to show everyone that things weren't as bad as that."

"None of us were happy with what happened last week in Brunswick," Anders said. "We just felt that we can't waste any more opportunities. We've got to play well every time we play."

Right now, they're headed in the right direction.

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